Monday, December 31, 2007

Apology to MSN, Hotmail & Cox Feedblitz Subscribers!

Please accept my sincerest apologies for not receiving your Feedblitz updates. My ISP EMBARQ has really got me upset this time! I hope every bot picks this up in Google, Yahoo! and AOL search engines! October 1st Embarq decided in their infinite wisdom that they could handle the ISP end of communications. On October 31st Earthlink was no longer connected with Embarq. It has been one heartache after another. Around November 20th every time I sent an email to an MSN, COX or Hotmail recipient it said I was blocked! I contacted Embarq and they blamed it on Microsoft. It took them over a week to fix it!
Now for Part 2: I couldn't understand why certain subscribers weren't leaving comments on 4 Shared for me. Today I investigated and more than half of my mailing list was showing "UNDELIVERABLE" with Feedblitz!
Guess what... they all had ISP service with MSN, COX or Hotmail! Well, it has only taken me two hours to fix the mess! Now, I am going to send out another Feedblitz and my mailing list better not have "undeliverable checks" next to my subscribers or EMBARQ is going to get BLASTED...
This Feedblitz message will be rather long due to the fact I don't think it has been working properly for over two weeks.
Please leave a Comment with this post if you have NOT been receiving Feedblitz Notifications since December 10th!
Please have a safe and Happy New Year!

Snowy Purple Quick page #3

Another Quick page designed from the Snowy Purple Papers. Created in 300 dpi png format 12x12 and can be easily re sized in your favorite software.
I hope that you are enjoying the Snowy Purple Quick pages!
This is your New Years Eve treat. To all of you I wish a safe and prosperous New Year.
Happy New Years from Nore's Nice-ities!

You can download here:
the password is: three

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snowy Purple Quick page #2

Another Snowy Purple Quick page for your enjoyment. Love these commercial use swirlies from MaAimee.

Make sure that you have all the downloads to the "Christmas Around the World Collab Kit" since I'll be removing the links January 2nd. Over 1540 downloads so far.

Enjoy your Holiday Preparations!

You can download here:
The password is: two

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snowy Purple Quick page #1

This Quick page has a "Very Merry Christmas" tag. It is in 12x12 300 dpi png format but can be easily be re sized. We are progressing nicely towards our 25,000 hit goal. Remember to come back each day for a "Freebie" through New Years Day.

I should be cleaning for my company due to arrive on January 5th but I caught some type of flu bug from my husband and my sugar levels are bouncing like a rubber ball so I've just been designing another mini kit. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. I've stripped another room so the washer and dryer have been busy all morning.

Anyhow, You can download here:
The password is: one

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Goal for 2007 was 25,000 Blog Hits ...

Since I really didn't do any serious blogging until August with my first kit (My Birthday-Whimsical Yellow), I had set a goal of 25,000 hits for 2007. Well it looks like I may have trouble meeting that goal.
I will have Freebies everyday from now until New Years Day!
Let's see how close we can get! I'm asking my Feedblitz subscribers to come to the blog over the Holiday so you can be counted. Feedblitz is great for my subscribers since they can do a "direct download" from the email BUT they never get counted in my stats.
Just a note to "Sharon" who always leaves such delightful comments. I did go over to your blog and saw your Christmas Tree! That's what triggered the first purple kit!
P.S. If I do hit the 25,000, I'll design a surprise for all of you!

Snowy Purple Papers Freebie

I got hooked on this purple and bought a few new commercial use tools that I had to try out! I have made Another Christmas Kit but it can also be used for Winter photos.

I'm naming it "Snowy Purple". There are snowflakes and purple glitter. All in 300 dpi png format 12x12 that can be resized.

I'll be uploading something every day until New Year's Day! Make sure you check back. My Feedblitz subscribers will receive an email every day. Enjoy!

You can download here:

The password is : snowy

Hope You had a Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you enjoyed Christmas Eve and Day as much as I did!
Got to Gainesville about 2:15PM, unloaded the car and got ready for The Children's service at church. Morgan was exceptional in the dance routine as an angel for her "Cheers" group. The entire family enjoyed the Children's service this year. I would have to say the best service in five years. Then it was back home to prepare the smorgasbord for Christmas Eve. Guests started arriving about 7PM and everyone enjoyed the food, music and socializing until 11PM.
I have to tell you the six and ten year old didn't get to sleep until 1:00AM. They had been tracking Santa on the internet traveling around the world and estimated he was due to arrive at 1:30 AM. I thought my Son-in Law was going to tan their little bottoms but instead shut the entire house down and told them "Santa was not coming to the house at all if they didn't get to sleep." Then finally Grandma went to bed at 1:15 AM and was up at seven with the little ones.
We opened all of our presents and had a wonderful breakfast casserole. The 13 and 10 year old got "Guitar Heroes III" ( one for a PS2 and one for a Wi). I think the adults had as much fun as the kids did playing the guitars! Morgan got her new bike and rode the cul de sac until she needed a nap. Then we prepared dinner, ate the feast and back on the road home by 5:15Pm since my husband had to go to work at 6:30 AM the next morning.
I hope Santa left you everything you desired! Now I need to general clean the house since my parents are coming to stay for the month of January from Pennsylvania. Nore's Niche probably won't be open until around the 15th of January. After my parents arrive on the fifth, I'll start uploading the Quick pages and Kits to the server.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from Nore's Nice-ities!

May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas. Thank You all for your support for the past four months.

The presents are wrapped, the food is ready for Christmas Eve and the pies are baked. We are off for Gainesville to my Daughter's home. At 5PM Morgan is an angel in the Children's Christmas pageant at church. My favorite time is Christmas Eve when we go to Church, come home to relax and join in on the evening festivities. Good food, music and watch the excitement build with the children. And brand new pajamas for everyone (Grandma's tradition) before we nestle down for the night! May Santa bring you what you desire. Have a "Very Merry Christmas!

Just a little something below to say Merry Christmas for all you "Purple Lover's".
You can download here:
Password: xmas

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Needed a Break & Urgent Care Update!

I just checked the downloads on the "Christmas Around the World Collab Kit" an astonishing 1425 downloads... From the comments I'm happy to report that this kit made a lot of people very happy! I wanted something special to give you for a Very Merry Christmas!
I should be wrapping presents BUT I thought I'd check on a few things! While I was at my daughter's (turned out to be almost a week-she had foot surgery on Friday), I was astonished to see for two days "Nore's Nice-ities" was #1 at "Best Scrap Freebies". Thanks to all of "YOU" that was my Christmas present! THANK YOU!!!
Well, I went to the urgent care clinic on Wednesday and took my Granddaughter with me (6yr old). Three views of x-rays nothing was broke as far as bones. I had a blood vessel break and that's why there was so much swelling. My hand is quite colorful at the moment. My Granddaughter says to me after leaving the center "Grandma that Doctor didn't do much for you. You know if you hadn't had the x-rays that would have been nothing more than a "well" visit. All he did was listen to your heart and take your blood pressure." Kids you have to "Love" them! They really say it like it is.
Well, I'd better get back to Christmas so I'll say bye for now. I haven't designed anything in a week! I'm having withdrawal! Maybe I can whip something up for you just before Christmas. We'll see!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just to say hi!!!

I've had sooo much fun with My Grandchildren the past two days and tonight I babysit for my daughter due to her Wedding Anniversary!
I had so much fun that I almost had to go to the ER!! Now I'm probably pretty STUPID but you see I have very short legs and all of my daughter's children's bicycles are for long legged people. So my Grandaughter (six going on 20) says Grandma we need something safe for you.. try my "Barbie Scooter". She then goes into an elaborate explanation of the dynamics of the scooter. Well I was afraid I'd break the scooter since I'm a full figure gal. She told me her brother uses it sometimes to go down to the bustop when he can't get a ride (175 lbs and six foot one inch).. At this point I figure okay I can't break it. So we are out and about for almost an hour. We toured the entire subdivision! Morgan on her bike and me using a "Barbie Scooter." Well, we run into my son-in-law coming home from work. He says "Ma Spencer what in the world are you two doing? Morgan says "Grandma's legs aren't long enough for the bikes so I gave Grandma my Barbie Scooter". I thought my son-in-law was going to die laughing. I told him some of his neighbors might think I'm not playing with a full deck however, they did wave and smile as they went by.
Well, then my son-in-law goes to the mailboxes on the cul de sac and now I've finally caught up with everyone. I'm heading to the driveway hit the lip of the driveway with the scooter and "Wipe Out." Joey's neighbor comes running from across the street and he and my son-in-law help me up. Morgan says OMG Grandma you can't ride the scooter up the driveway! I thought you knew that!! then she proceeds to check out my concrete burns on my hand and the lump on my hand. The neighbor who is a Pharmacist looks at it and says"Oh my!" could be an ER trip and runs across the street for an ice pack.
While all this was happening, my daughter calls from work and asks Morgan how Jordan's knee was? (He wiped out on his bike when he got home from school and hurt his knee). Morgan says Jordan's fine BUT Mr. Brett says Grandma needs to go the the ER . Grandma wiped out on my Barbie scooter in the driveway. My daughter says to Morgan "Please give the phone to your Father!". Anyhow.... My daughter yells at all of us ... tells us to get in the house... sit on the sofa and don't do anything until she gets home. What a Day!!! I told them we'd wait until the morning and see if I needed to have it x-rayed. I was in some pain but not excruciating. We kept ice packs on it all evening . It is still swollen and aches but as you can see I'm typing so I don't' think anything is broke.
Prior to all this My Granddaughter and several first grade classes went to an assisted living facility and sung Christmas carols for an hour. The residents REALLY enjoyed it. They don't see children that age very often. Morgan told me that none of them smile. I told her to go over to the different tables and say "Merry Christmas with a big smile" and I bet they'll smile back.
She says "okay Grandma but I'm scared." So another Mom was trying to get her girls to do it too. They went in a group to all the tables and came back to us. Morgan "said They smiled and one lady gave me a kiss on my cheek." All I said to her was "see you can make someone smile just by giving them a BIG smile."
Well time to go to meet Jordan for his lunch! Got to go!
Hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Around the World Quick page Freebie!

Since I have seven downloads to the Christmas Around the World, please double check the files that you have already downloaded. From my stats at 4shared and the numerous downloading problems at the beginning of the event, I can see that some bloggers did not download all the parts of the kit.

Please read all posts from December first and if you are not already a Feedblitz subscriber there is currently a Promotion for December "It's a Penguin Christmas."

The Christmas Around the World Kit has been extended to December 24th!

I had so many comments regarding the angel border paper that I am giving you a Quick page freebie!

I am off to Gainesville to participate in my Grand children's parties, shopping with my daughter, some holiday baking and a Christmas pageant of Jordan's and Morgan's. Oh and to babysit on December 18th for my daughter's Wedding Anniversary.

I have been thrilled with the comments on 4shared and hope that you are enjoying your holiday preparations.

I'm asking a little favor... Please click on Best Scrap Freebies (black & white Blinkie-right hand side under the archives) for me if you liked the Christmas Kit!
(Click on Best ScrapFreebies, Find Nore's Nice-ities Top 50, click on STATS, click to rate 1-5 and if you want to leave a comment)
Link Has Expired
PS: Check out my Feedjit map!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Around the World Event! Extended

The Christmas Around The World Collab kit goes live at 12:01 AM - EST, December 10th!! Don't worry you don't have to stay awake to get it!!! The entire kit will be available until December 24th (Due to icestorms in the Midwest) and then will disappear. So make sure you have you're snagging fingers ready because this is one freebie you will not want to miss!! There are over 75 designers participating with incredible gifts from each one of them!!! Make sure to leave a comment while your downloading!
Download Links have Expired!!
This link will be valid at 12:01AM-EST to see a blog of all participants in this event:
Christmas Around the World Blog (click here):

A SPECIAL THANKS must be given to Kimberly of Fishinmom Designs for taking her precious time to plan, organize and orchestrate this event!

Special Thanks must be given to the designers listed below for their Commercial Use Products in designing this Mega Kit: Connie Prince/DigidivaDesigns, Andrea Designs, ScrapDesafios Dollardigirama, Colleen Shipley/ Gotta Pixel, Candy Cook/ MakeitScrappy, Kim B's Designs/Kim Broedelet, Michelle/ Digiscrap Boutique and the “Ephemeral Victorian” for making available designer products “just for freebies.”

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Nore's Nice-ities and Nore's Niche Store!

It's a Penguin Christmas Brag book Freebie!

Thanks to All of you that have left comments on 4shared on the "It's a Penguin Christmas" quick pages!
Here you will receive (2) 6x4 Brag book pages as part of your Penguin Christmas Collection.
Please read the December Feedblitz Registration post on how you can receive (2) more 12x12 Quick pages and (4) 6x4 Brag book pages!
"Remember TONIGHT at midnight begins the Christmas Around the World Collaboration Extravaganza!"
You can download here:
The password is: santa
Special Thanks to Connie Prince/Digidiva Designs for use of her commercial products

December Feedblitz Registration!

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone for the delightful comments on the “It’s a Penguin Christmas Quick pages.”
All of my Feedblitz registrants will receive an additional (2) 12x12 Quick pages and (4) additional Brag book pages in 6x4 300 dpi png format.
Please register with the Feedblitz email notification. The beauty of Feedblitz is the automatic email notification of any posts to the blog so you don’t miss a Freebie. You can unsubscribe at any time. There is a direct link to the download from your email! Just leave me “a little love from time to time.”
Nore’s Niche “an affordable scrapping store” will be opening soon! We are currently in the process of setting up the store. Stay tuned for updates. There maybe some coupons and maybe some additional freebies! Nothing in the store will be over $3.00. Currently a poll is running on what “YOU” would like to see in the store. Please stop by at
Nore’s Niche
Special thanks to Connie Prince/Digidiva's Designs for her commercial use Products.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Extension Christmas Around the World!

Due to the ice storms in the Midwest, My Christmas Around the World kit will be available until December 24th. Most of the 78 designers have agreed to the extension. You will have to check the Christmas Around the World blog for the change.
I apologize but due to high volume traffic on this event the download times with high speed Internet "leave a bit to be desired." I need to remind everyone most of the download services are "Free".
May you have a Blessed Holiday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Around the World - Elements 2!

I apologize to everyone! Apparently 4shared is having trouble with the server that I have Elements 2 stored. I am uploading the file again! Please come back to pick the file up since it has some lovely elements! Sorry for the inconvenience! It will be fixed as soon as the file uploads.
Thank You!
I've reuploaded to 4shared and changed the link on the blog! If anyone has any more problems post me a note in the comments. Technology is a good thing! I think we've pushed 4shared to the limit today with the volume... even blogger and c-box are acting flaky!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

36 Hours have passed! It's been Crazy!

36 hours have passed and it has been crazy!!! Various ISP's are having challenges with our "Christmas Around the World" event.
I just want to say I am in "awe of the talent" within the group of contributors. It amazes me how the human mind can be so creative. Someone else sees a "shape" totally differently than the way my mind interprets. Basically all of these designs stem from shapes. Since my mind is "math" oriented I have a tendency to go "geometric". Creative minds see shapes more "abstractly" thus the grunge and swirls. I am so fortunate to be a part of this event!
See I have been downloading right along with you and I'm not done yet either!
Let me pause a moment to relay my deepest gratitude for "All" the wonderful comments left on 4shared and within the blog. It has made all the time spent on this kit worthwhile. Isn't Christmas all about "Sharing." This event has proven how charitable these Designers can be from literally all over the world. The fact that in some cases download times left a little to be desired gave all of us an opportunity to read the bios of so many of the designers. I'm sure that it will not be forgotten.
Just remember I have a lot of files to download and I will leave them up even longer than the six days if necessary to give "everyone " an opportunity to download. I still have not completed adding these files to various websites. I wanted to give everyone here in the USA the first opportunity. After the download mania begins to subside, I'll add them to the overseas websites.
Have FUN with all of this and "thank" these designers. Please leave a "BIG" thank you to Kimberly in the c-box at the "Christmas Around the World" blog.

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's a Penguin Christmas Quick page Freebie!

As you can see no sled (wagon) and instead of reindeer the penguins. As you can see they helped Santa while Rudolph and the elves were MIA. (You need to read prior posts to understand this message)
You can Download Here:

Remember "Christmas Around the World" is only 4 days away!!!!

It's a Penguin Christmas Quick page Freebie!

Good news Rudolph and the elves have returned! I must say though they all look a bit "rough around the edges." Not a one of them has disclosed who, what or where they have been for almost a week. The baby penguins can now go out and play since there was a snowfall last night. "Baby It's Cold Outside!"
This will be a series for my "Feedblitz Promo"registrants soon to be up on the blog now that I have Christmas Around the World finished. Stay tuned there will be ways to receive more papers and elements for my portion of the kit.
You can download here:
The password is: baby
A Special Thanks to Janniscraps for use of her snowy window from the Kit Club.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Around the World coming December 10th!

Everyone this is a "SNEAK PEEK" at what is in store for you on December 10th for "Christmas Around the World." I finally have this uploaded to 4shared! Over 100 MB of Holiday fun! This is the largest designer collaboration EVER. More than 60+ designers are sharing with a Holiday gift.

A special thanks needs to be given to Kimberly better known as Fishinmom Designs for organizing this entire event!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Country Glitter Quick page Freebie-Believe

Hope you all had a good weekend! The blog has a new Christmas header and the Angels will someday be in a kit. While getting out my Christmas decorations I found these angels on tapestries in my craft closet. The colors are magnificent. I also labeled all the freebies (under the counter) so now you'll know if you are missing anything from a particular collection. I also added a label for Feedblitz promos to show the extra freebies my registrants receive.

Well this is #6 of the "Country Glitter Collection" and I still have a few more overlays I designed to use for this collection.
PS Rudolph and the elves still haven't returned to the North Pole and Santa is starting to get aggravated! Anyhow that's what's being said through the grapevine. I'll keep you posted tomorrow. The gossip is that Santa is giving them until 5PM tomorrow to return or there will be consequences.
You can download Here:
The password is: believe

Friday, November 30, 2007

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

Good Evening to All of You! I am going to put this Quick page "Our Little Christmas Angels" up a day early since I know everyone will be busy tomorrow shopping. Just a little bit of glitz on Quick page #5 of the "Country Glitter Collection." I hope you like the snowflakes.

I'm busy packaging everything for my part in the "Christmas Around the World Collaboration." Rudolph and the elves are still missing! The baby penguins want to go out and play in the snow! Hopefully by Monday everything will settle down at the North Pole. It's feeling a lot like Christmas!
You can download here:
The password is: angels

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Well, it has been two days and Santa's elves and Rudolph are still MIA! However, the little penguins are maintaining the toy shoppe for Santa. In the meantime I have another "Country Glitter QP" #4 for you. This QP has quite a bit of glitz. I hope I haven't over done the glitter. By the amount of downloads on the other 3 pages it appears "simple" is better. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
You can download here:
The password is: peace

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

Good Day to you all! I have several books called "Ultimate Collection of Thoughts" by Linda Latourelle that are designed for special events. I think that you will like this "Country Glitter Quick page" and the sentiment. Enjoy! It's feeling a Lot like Christmas.
I'm working on the Feedblitz promo and well there are these "little Penguins" that are helping Santa. Santa can't seem to locate the elves or Rudolph. What do you think they are up to anyhow?? Maybe shopping?? or maybe some mischief!
You can download here:
the password is: night

Monday, November 26, 2007

Country Glitter Quick page Freebie-Christmas Blessings

I will be running a series of freebies for the "Country Glitter Quick pages" during the next 14 days. I will need to remove them after I post my contribution to "Christmas Around the World." Make sure that you download them after you receive the Feedblitz email so that you will receive the "complete set."

For the past five days I have definitely had toooo much fun creating these designs. I love the "holidays".
You can download here:
The password is: blessings

New Feedblitz Promo for the month of December

I'll be removing the November Feedblitz Autumn Harvest Kit on December 3rd to make room for "Holiday gift giving". Feedblitz members make sure that you have downloaded all the parts to this Mega Kit!
I'm currently working on a Christmas Kit (whimsical in nature) for my Feedblitz members and a promo for new registrants. So stay tuned!
Remember to keep mark December 10th on your calendars for "Christmas Around the World" .

Poll on winrar and zip is closed!

Thank you for participating. I will be using the zipped format for the holidays so everyone can enjoy the freebies. Thanks so much for the comments. I hope that the scrappers still hooked on zip files read the information regarding the "free" software that is out there for uncompressing both types of files. After the holidays I'll be going back to the rar format.

Special Thank You

I have been remiss in thanking so many of you for leaving the "fantastic comments" for me on 4shared. I really loved the poem Beverly left for me. Fellow bloggers also mentioned the poem. I hope all of you enjoyed your "Thanksgiving Holiday". I am thankful for all of "YOU" special people that come to visit my blog.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Quickpage Freebie

From my "Family" to your "Family" have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Just a little something while dinner is cooking. Enjoy!

You can download here:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do You Prefer Winrar or Zipped Files?

Several bloggers have emailed me regarding Zipped and Winrar files. One of the reasons rar is used so much for Freebies is due to the fact they compress to a smaller file. Our space on 4shared is limited so that is why you see the freebies in rar format.
Please look in the right hand column and vote in the poll please. I really don't want to eliminate a blogger due to the file size but I won't be able to leave the freebies up for as long as I do. Just so you understand why I'm starting to remove links. Anyhow Please VOTE!
PLease read the COMMENT that a fellow blogger left for a free extraction software for winrar AND zipped files!
Uh Oh I'm at 14800 on the counter! I'd better think about what I'm going to share after I get back from Gainesville on Wednesday. Well, I have 21/2 hours to think about it on my way up to Gainesville and another coming back. Ha! I bet I can find something since I've been working on Christmas. I also need to finish my Thanksgiving Kit!

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

I can’t believe Thursday is Thanksgiving already. My Grandsons have an “All Stars Football Tournament” (both of them made the teams going for their age group) in Macon, GA the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. They live in Gainesville, FL. My husband works in retail and this year they are opening NOT at 5AM but midnight and the store is also open Thanksgiving Day until 7PM. Needless to say there will be NO Thanksgiving get together at Kim’s or my house this Thanksgiving. BUT, I’m heading on my way to Gainesville this afternoon to participate in two of the Grandchildren’s Thanksgiving Feasts at their school on Tuesday and then a scrimmage game Tuesday night.
Good news! Stay tuned and Mark December 10th on your calendars for “Christmas Around the World”. I’m in the process of making a Christmas Kit as a participant. This will keep me out of trouble and not spending money with the Thanksgiving sales.
You can download your first Christmas freebie Here:
The password is: woods

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autumn Harvest Mini Kit Freebie for All!

This kit is a sampling of the large "Autumn Harvest Kit" that my Feedblitz subscribers will receive. I think that you will like the homespun textured papers in a "rich Burgundy and Autumn Gold."
Feedblitz subscribers no need to download. You will receive a newsflash with the links for download.
You can download here:
The password is: mini

Autumn Harvest Feedblitz Promotion Freebie!

You can Receive this “Autumn Harvest Kit” just by registering with my Feedblitz (Right hand side of blog).
All of my Feedblitz registrants will receive the password and links to these files. My Feedblitz Registrants receive additional "Freebies" from my blog. In addition to this Feedblitz notifies "YOU" by email of any changes to the blog so you won't miss out on a "Freebie", coupons or news. You also receive a direct link to the "Freebie". You may unsubscribe at any time. I think you will enjoy its ease of use.
This kit includes: 4 Textured Solid Papers, 4 Textured Plaid Papers, 4 Vellum Papers, 6 Matted 8x8 Frames, 8 Matted 6x8 Frames, 8 Solid Tags, 4 Decorative Plaid Tags and 31 Elements. This Classic Themed Kit can be used for both Thanksgiving and Christmas photos.
I originally designed this kit for J3’s October Kit Club but for some reason the kit never made it to the Kit Club Members. However, this is “lucky” for all of you! Remember when I asked everyone if they liked homespun textures back in September.

This is my gift to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall Quickpage Freebie

Well I'm finally back to blogging after two weeks. I was up in Gainesville for a week. I attended two football championships, went to my Granddaughter's fall festival luncheon, my Granddaughter's Halloween party, an after school Halloween party, trick or treating, a homecoming parade and a football party on Saturday. We had a buffet that would knock your socks off with deep fried turkey. I truly enjoyed the entire week along with checking out the local papers for real estate. Prices are beginning to come down in the area and I'm watching veryyy closely. Then last week my husband was on vacation. need I say anything more!

I finally have a Thanksgiving treat and by tomorrow a new Feedblitz promo. My friend Judi with Judi's Crafts painted six more images and they are scanned. I just need to clean them up and we will be ready to go with a "Thanksgiving Mega Kit". I have been experimenting with some new overlays and decorative papers so I know you are going to love this kit.

Here is your first two page set for Fall. I think you'll enjoy the fall color palette.

You can download here:

the password is: fall

Enjoy!! Much more to follow!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just A Little Spooky Quick pages Freebie

Well, it has been over a week and I finally have a CUTE Freebie for all of you! A special thanks needs to be given to Jannidee of JanniScrap Designs for use of her "Just A Little Spooky Kit" and my friend Judi of Judi's Crafts for the cute little witch. The soft pastel colors are ideal for the "Wee Little Ones".The files are in 300 dpi 12x12 png format. The preview doesn't really show the detail in these images!
I have been experimenting with some commercial use templates. What I found really interesting was these were not in layers for my DIP. I found it is easier to make my own! I like to use shadows and it was impossible for me to make variations with those templates. Basically I'll use them as a sketch and design my own in PNG layers.
If you have a friend that scraps make sure they sign up for Feedblitz. Did you know the newsletter I send can be emailed to a friend? Look at the Feedblitz email: you can email to a friend or rate my blog. Go ahead and try it!
You can Download Here:
The password is: little
I had a ball designing these! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Feedblitz Registration Bonus! Brag book FREEBIE

You can Receive this 12 Page 4x6 Not So Spooky Brag book just by registering with my Feedblitz (Right hand side of blog).
All of my Feedblitz registrants will receive the password and link to this file. My Feedblitz Registrants receive additional "Freebies" from my blog. In addition to this Feedblitz notifies "YOU" by email of any changes to the blog so you won't miss out on a "Freebie", coupons or news. You also receive a direct link to the "Freebie". You may unsubscribe at any time. I think you will enjoy it's ease of use.
Special Thanks to Janidee of Janniscraps for use of her "Just a Little Spooky" Kit especially designed for the "Little Ones in your life."
A Special Thanks to Judi's Crafts for the hand painted Witch.

Tomorrow new Feedblitz Registration Freebie and Surprise for ALL

I've been having fun working on my Grand children's Fall parties. Working on some "Printables" for cupcakes and small candy bar wrappers.
Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have another Halloween Brag book for Feedblitz Registration. This one is NOT so "Spooky".
My friend Judi has hand painted Thanksgiving images in acrylics and I've been busy designing a Thanksgiving Kit in the color palette of the images. Judi's work is superb and I think you'll think so too. Judi is a "country artist" which you all know by now I love. You can tell by the selection of kits I designed Quick pages for at J3&Me. Since she spends so much time hand painting these images, I will have to charge a "nominal fee" for the kit. And I do mean nominal.
So you may see a Paypal BUY ME NOW Button on the blog with a Slide show of the Kit contents next week.

Click A Day & Donations to Date

Did you know you can click once a day, every day at The Breast Cancer Site? That's 365 chances each year to help a woman in need get the gift of early detection!

The Hunger Site

As you all can see The 500 mammogram goal has been reached BUT still keep clicking for Additional Mammograms paid for by the sponsor. Donations to Date are $166.


The Breast Cancer Mini Kit "Freebie" and MEGA Kit will be removed on November 1st!

Please refer to posts at the beginning of the month on how to receive the MEGA kit and additional (2) page Layouts.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween Grab Bag Freebie! Away for the Weekend...

I have received so many Grab Bag Ads this week I decided to do one myself!
Mine is specially priced for Free!
You can download here:
The password is: surprise
Anyone that donates to the Breast Cancer Society or registers for Feedblitz I won't be home until Sunday Night! I have a football game and Cub Scout carnival to attend. My daughter and I are also completing Halloween crafts for the "Little Ones" classes.

Breast Cancer Awareness Update

I'd like to take this opportunity to "Thank" everyone that has contributed to the Breast Cancer Society. Some of you were very generous and I personally appreciate your support.
Donations to date $116.00.
The more than 200 comments and over 1000 downloads of the "Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit" made by my fellow bloggers' has warmed my heart!
Remember to make "A Click A Day" to provide a free mammogram for a woman in need.
I continue to update the progress daily at the Breast Cancer Site.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Final Breast Cancer QP Freebie

I am listing this freebie to bring to everyone's attention that we are giving an additional bonus to those bloggers who make a $5.00 donation to the Breast Cancer Society. I have a Contributions made to date thermometer on the right side of the blog under the counter that will be updated daily. Also please continue to make a "Click a Day" to help a woman in need receive a free mammogram. The stats are changed daily on a prior post last week.
You can download : DOWNLOAD REMOVED
The password is: DOWNLOAD REMOVED

Breast Cancer $5.00 Donation Bonus

Enjoy these (2) 2 page layout Quick pages designed by Regina Moore from the Breast Cancer Mega Kit with a $5.00 donation to the Breast Cancer Society. Regina requested to design these to increase our donations to the Breast Cancer society. If you are interested you can email your receipt to:
Please allow 72 hours for processing. You will receive an email from Nore’s Nice-ities with the download link and password. The Breast Cancer Mega Kit is available for a donation of a $1.00.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Mega Kit Freebie

The Rules on how to obtain the Breast Cancer Awareness Mega Kit are explained in the posts earlier today.
Credits for the commercial use tools for this kit:
"Nana's Attic" For use of Anita's doodles
Michelle Yiap @ "Digiscrap Boutique" for use of her doodles
Christina Wall @ "Gotta Pixel"- Overlay
"Divine Digital Team": Royanna Fritschmann and Karen Heckathorne - Overlays
Bows and Ribbons Created and Donated by: Shawn Myre @ "DesignsbyJ3" aka "J3&Me"
Photoshop action used from Monica Larsen

Other Ways to Help: Click Every Day

Did you know you can click once a day, every day at The Breast Cancer Site? That's 365 chances each year to help a woman in need get the gift of early detection!
Click Below

The Hunger Site

Rules for Breast Cancer Freebie Mega Kit

I'm going to try and make this as simple as possible:
If you make a donation of $1.00 or more to the Breast Cancer Society (Link is below), you will receive the file URL download along with the Password by email. YOU MUST EMAIL ME A COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT at
You MUST ADD ME TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK so that my email won't end up as spam or junk mail. If you sent me a receipt, I should be in your address book. Allow up to 72 hours for a return email. I will of course answer ASAP. I'm concerned about how many emails I'll receive due to the amount of downloads on the "Freebie" mini kit.
Breast Cancer Society Donations:

Atlanta Breast Cancer Awareness Group

Too many times we hear negatives regarding the Internet BUT here is an example of the "positive" element.
Erin-Joi maintains the "Walkin' Families Team Breast Cancer Fundraising and Awareness" website in Atlanta, GA. She has participated in 8 walk-a-thons and maintained the website for three years. She has requested the slide show for her website. I am "honored" to provide this informational tool. She is in the process of updating the website and hopes to have it completed by November 1st. She is also a "Breast Cancer Survivor". See what another person has contributed to a worthy organization:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Freebie Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit

I don't believe there are words to express the "JOY" that I have received from reading over 100 comments concerning this digital scrap booking kit. For the past day and a half, I have been in awe by the number of visitors to the blog.
I promise by tomorrow night I will have packaged and completed The "Breast Cancer Awareness MEGA Kit". Once again bear with me. I have pondered how I will be able to determine "who has made a donation to the Breast Cancer Society of at least $1.00". I don't know if I'm equipped to handle the volume (due to the number of downloads on the "freebie" kit). I will however, due to the response, make the effort to handle all the emails with a receipt attachment.
If my prediction is correct, "Tomorrow" will be another monumental day for
"Nore's Nice-ities". I will have had over 10,000 hits on the blog. I want to personally thank all of you that come to the blog on a regular basis and leave the wonderful comments.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Freebie Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit

The Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit is "FREE" for ALL. Please take a moment and preview the slides from Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer.

"Early Detection Can Save Your Life."

The third Friday in October many radiologists and/or radiology facilities offer discounted or free mammogram screenings. Slide #11 contains a list of organizations that you can contact to find out "where" these mammogram screenings are being conducted in your locality.
I have spent over 30 hours so far designing this and the "mega" kit. Please have the courtesy to leave a comment if you download.
Download Part 1 here:
Download Part 2 here:
The password is: bcmini
A Special Thank You to Anita @ Nana's Attic and Michelle Yiap @ Digiscrap Boutique for the commercial use doodles

Sunday, October 7, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Well I still have about 200 emails to cleanup!! However, all the really important stuff has been completed!!
I apologize to my Feedblitz members... I'll have the new promotion up early next week!
Since Friday I have been designing a Breast Cancer Awareness kit. You will be able to download a Free mini kit with 12 jpg files concerning BC Awareness that can be viewed using Microsoft picture and fax viewer. Please READ the files. It could save your life..
If you donate $1.00 or more to the Breast Cancer Society, you will receive the Breast Cancer Awareness Mega kit. Details will be discussed early next week. I have posted the slideshow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Freebie Quickpage Bundle

I think all of you will really like these 4 Halloween Quick pages! I want to thank EVERYONE for the delightful comments you left for me on 4shared. A special thanks to Laura Lakey for the Halloween House png files.
My Feedblitz list is growing daily and "You" are the special people that leave comments. I will come up with a new promotion on Friday and "My Feedblitz Subscribers" are going to be Very Happy!
I included two quick pages with 3 photos this time per the poll some square some round. There is also a new poll. What size QP do you use the most often? Then I will design the Quick pages per the poll.
I think you will especially like "Grandma's Little Pumpkins" Qp.
Download Here:
Password is: bundle

Finally Over My ISP Crisis

Technology is fantastic... But when you have to make a change with an ISP what a challenge...
Everything in technology world is NOT consistent... I spent 31/2 Hours on the phone Monday due to losing all my email contacts and archived emails... Needless to say I was like a blithering idiot by the time I finally got to talk to someone!!!

I must give credit to the "young man" that was soooo patient and got 80% of my archived emails back and 100% of my 983 email contacts... I don't think the ISP was prepared for the volume on some client's computers... The automatic "I changed my email address" did save me some time but I need to cleanup on all the addresses that blew up due to the way Earthlink's spamblocker and firewall handled them...

Then there was the 2 hour let's remove all the old software from Earthlink on Tuesday... And the 80gig download of the new software for adware, spam, malware,virus protection and firewall..
Then the scan disk for any of the above that was a 41/2 hour process until 1AM last night...

However, I just need to continue to change all my subscriptions and I did however create a new email address: ... So make sure you add it to your address book!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Have to Switch Internet Providers!

Well I'm not thrilled BUT I have to change Internet providers and will start the process tomorrow... I got some freebies up here for you so have fun downloading!! If you don't hear from me for awhile you'll know why!!

I have Sprint high speed with Earthlink as the provider. Now Sprint/Embarq is going to do their own thing and as of October 31st I have to change better now than never. It will take a month just to change all my subscriptions... Hope I don't lose anything in my email folders in the process... Please cross your fingers for me! Until then...

Freebie Mommy's Lil Pumpkin QP

I couldn't help myself! I love Holidays! I just had to make this Quick page... I know the lace isn't Halloween but it is definitely Mommy and Fall... This Quick page is 8x8 in 300 dpi png format... To save space on 4shared I'm going to start saving the Quick pages in 8x8 format... You will not see a difference and can resize to 12x12 without loss in the resolution since it was originally created as a 12x12...
You can Download Here
The password is: Pumpkin

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick page Polls

Since I design Quick pages for J3 & Me, I thought it appropriate to ask what "Your" preference is in a Quick page Design. I have added two polls below the Counter on the right hand side of the blog.
How many photos do you prefer in a QP?
What geometric shape do you prefer for your photos in a QP?
Please leave me comments below this post!
I will also be conducting a Poll next week on Brag books...
Thank You!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Freebie for All!

These vintage Halloween tags were colored with my Halloween colors Spooky Orange, Spooky Yellow, Spooky Green and Spooky Purple. A Special Thank You to Lilach Oren for the Tag template!
You can download Here:
The password is: Tags1

Wahoo Five more new Feedblitz Subscribers!

Now all my Feedblitz Registrants will be receiving 4 pages of a 4x6 Halloween Brag book!!!
Did you know Feedblitz can accept foreign email addresses? Yes it can!
I hope everyone enjoys the Bonus!
Leave me a little love in the comments section please.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Needed 5 Feedblitz Subscribers!

All I need is five (5) more Feedblitz subscribers for everyone to receive a Halloween Bonus! Make sure you subscribe to Feedblitz. You will receive an automatic email notification when the blog is updated. You also will get the links to the freebies within the email! Don't miss a Freebie... Register today!
Read prior September posts for what members are receiving!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freebie Batty Quick page

I had a wonderful weekend with my family celebrating birthdays. Both of my Grandsons had football games, so my husband and I both attended them back to back. Saturday afternoon all family members got together. Saturday night was a sleepover for the thirteen year old's. Sunday was a slow day visiting.
Sorry I haven't been putting up freebies. I've been busy cleaning my house which is long overdue. I'd been sick since mid July and two weeks ago I started on new medication and finally feel human again. It's unbelievable what the "wrong" medication can do to "you".
So much for me. Let's get the Halloween QP up and going!
You can download here:
The password is: Batty