Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tomorrow new Feedblitz Registration Freebie and Surprise for ALL

I've been having fun working on my Grand children's Fall parties. Working on some "Printables" for cupcakes and small candy bar wrappers.
Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have another Halloween Brag book for Feedblitz Registration. This one is NOT so "Spooky".
My friend Judi has hand painted Thanksgiving images in acrylics and I've been busy designing a Thanksgiving Kit in the color palette of the images. Judi's work is superb and I think you'll think so too. Judi is a "country artist" which you all know by now I love. You can tell by the selection of kits I designed Quick pages for at J3&Me. Since she spends so much time hand painting these images, I will have to charge a "nominal fee" for the kit. And I do mean nominal.
So you may see a Paypal BUY ME NOW Button on the blog with a Slide show of the Kit contents next week.

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