Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just A Little Spooky Quick pages Freebie

Well, it has been over a week and I finally have a CUTE Freebie for all of you! A special thanks needs to be given to Jannidee of JanniScrap Designs for use of her "Just A Little Spooky Kit" and my friend Judi of Judi's Crafts for the cute little witch. The soft pastel colors are ideal for the "Wee Little Ones".The files are in 300 dpi 12x12 png format. The preview doesn't really show the detail in these images!
I have been experimenting with some commercial use templates. What I found really interesting was these were not in layers for my DIP. I found it is easier to make my own! I like to use shadows and it was impossible for me to make variations with those templates. Basically I'll use them as a sketch and design my own in PNG layers.
If you have a friend that scraps make sure they sign up for Feedblitz. Did you know the newsletter I send can be emailed to a friend? Look at the Feedblitz email: you can email to a friend or rate my blog. Go ahead and try it!
You can Download Here:
The password is: little
I had a ball designing these! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Feedblitz Registration Bonus! Brag book FREEBIE

You can Receive this 12 Page 4x6 Not So Spooky Brag book just by registering with my Feedblitz (Right hand side of blog).
All of my Feedblitz registrants will receive the password and link to this file. My Feedblitz Registrants receive additional "Freebies" from my blog. In addition to this Feedblitz notifies "YOU" by email of any changes to the blog so you won't miss out on a "Freebie", coupons or news. You also receive a direct link to the "Freebie". You may unsubscribe at any time. I think you will enjoy it's ease of use.
Special Thanks to Janidee of Janniscraps for use of her "Just a Little Spooky" Kit especially designed for the "Little Ones in your life."
A Special Thanks to Judi's Crafts for the hand painted Witch.

Tomorrow new Feedblitz Registration Freebie and Surprise for ALL

I've been having fun working on my Grand children's Fall parties. Working on some "Printables" for cupcakes and small candy bar wrappers.
Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have another Halloween Brag book for Feedblitz Registration. This one is NOT so "Spooky".
My friend Judi has hand painted Thanksgiving images in acrylics and I've been busy designing a Thanksgiving Kit in the color palette of the images. Judi's work is superb and I think you'll think so too. Judi is a "country artist" which you all know by now I love. You can tell by the selection of kits I designed Quick pages for at J3&Me. Since she spends so much time hand painting these images, I will have to charge a "nominal fee" for the kit. And I do mean nominal.
So you may see a Paypal BUY ME NOW Button on the blog with a Slide show of the Kit contents next week.

Click A Day & Donations to Date

Did you know you can click once a day, every day at The Breast Cancer Site? That's 365 chances each year to help a woman in need get the gift of early detection!

The Hunger Site

As you all can see The 500 mammogram goal has been reached BUT still keep clicking for Additional Mammograms paid for by the sponsor. Donations to Date are $166.


The Breast Cancer Mini Kit "Freebie" and MEGA Kit will be removed on November 1st!

Please refer to posts at the beginning of the month on how to receive the MEGA kit and additional (2) page Layouts.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween Grab Bag Freebie! Away for the Weekend...

I have received so many Grab Bag Ads this week I decided to do one myself!
Mine is specially priced for Free!
You can download here:
The password is: surprise
Anyone that donates to the Breast Cancer Society or registers for Feedblitz I won't be home until Sunday Night! I have a football game and Cub Scout carnival to attend. My daughter and I are also completing Halloween crafts for the "Little Ones" classes.

Breast Cancer Awareness Update

I'd like to take this opportunity to "Thank" everyone that has contributed to the Breast Cancer Society. Some of you were very generous and I personally appreciate your support.
Donations to date $116.00.
The more than 200 comments and over 1000 downloads of the "Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit" made by my fellow bloggers' has warmed my heart!
Remember to make "A Click A Day" to provide a free mammogram for a woman in need.
I continue to update the progress daily at the Breast Cancer Site.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Final Breast Cancer QP Freebie

I am listing this freebie to bring to everyone's attention that we are giving an additional bonus to those bloggers who make a $5.00 donation to the Breast Cancer Society. I have a Contributions made to date thermometer on the right side of the blog under the counter that will be updated daily. Also please continue to make a "Click a Day" to help a woman in need receive a free mammogram. The stats are changed daily on a prior post last week.
You can download : DOWNLOAD REMOVED
The password is: DOWNLOAD REMOVED

Breast Cancer $5.00 Donation Bonus

Enjoy these (2) 2 page layout Quick pages designed by Regina Moore from the Breast Cancer Mega Kit with a $5.00 donation to the Breast Cancer Society. Regina requested to design these to increase our donations to the Breast Cancer society. If you are interested you can email your receipt to:
Please allow 72 hours for processing. You will receive an email from Nore’s Nice-ities with the download link and password. The Breast Cancer Mega Kit is available for a donation of a $1.00.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Mega Kit Freebie

The Rules on how to obtain the Breast Cancer Awareness Mega Kit are explained in the posts earlier today.
Credits for the commercial use tools for this kit:
"Nana's Attic" For use of Anita's doodles
Michelle Yiap @ "Digiscrap Boutique" for use of her doodles
Christina Wall @ "Gotta Pixel"- Overlay
"Divine Digital Team": Royanna Fritschmann and Karen Heckathorne - Overlays
Bows and Ribbons Created and Donated by: Shawn Myre @ "DesignsbyJ3" aka "J3&Me"
Photoshop action used from Monica Larsen

Other Ways to Help: Click Every Day

Did you know you can click once a day, every day at The Breast Cancer Site? That's 365 chances each year to help a woman in need get the gift of early detection!
Click Below

The Hunger Site

Rules for Breast Cancer Freebie Mega Kit

I'm going to try and make this as simple as possible:
If you make a donation of $1.00 or more to the Breast Cancer Society (Link is below), you will receive the file URL download along with the Password by email. YOU MUST EMAIL ME A COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT at
You MUST ADD ME TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK so that my email won't end up as spam or junk mail. If you sent me a receipt, I should be in your address book. Allow up to 72 hours for a return email. I will of course answer ASAP. I'm concerned about how many emails I'll receive due to the amount of downloads on the "Freebie" mini kit.
Breast Cancer Society Donations:

Atlanta Breast Cancer Awareness Group

Too many times we hear negatives regarding the Internet BUT here is an example of the "positive" element.
Erin-Joi maintains the "Walkin' Families Team Breast Cancer Fundraising and Awareness" website in Atlanta, GA. She has participated in 8 walk-a-thons and maintained the website for three years. She has requested the slide show for her website. I am "honored" to provide this informational tool. She is in the process of updating the website and hopes to have it completed by November 1st. She is also a "Breast Cancer Survivor". See what another person has contributed to a worthy organization:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Freebie Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit

I don't believe there are words to express the "JOY" that I have received from reading over 100 comments concerning this digital scrap booking kit. For the past day and a half, I have been in awe by the number of visitors to the blog.
I promise by tomorrow night I will have packaged and completed The "Breast Cancer Awareness MEGA Kit". Once again bear with me. I have pondered how I will be able to determine "who has made a donation to the Breast Cancer Society of at least $1.00". I don't know if I'm equipped to handle the volume (due to the number of downloads on the "freebie" kit). I will however, due to the response, make the effort to handle all the emails with a receipt attachment.
If my prediction is correct, "Tomorrow" will be another monumental day for
"Nore's Nice-ities". I will have had over 10,000 hits on the blog. I want to personally thank all of you that come to the blog on a regular basis and leave the wonderful comments.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Freebie Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit

The Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit is "FREE" for ALL. Please take a moment and preview the slides from Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer.

"Early Detection Can Save Your Life."

The third Friday in October many radiologists and/or radiology facilities offer discounted or free mammogram screenings. Slide #11 contains a list of organizations that you can contact to find out "where" these mammogram screenings are being conducted in your locality.
I have spent over 30 hours so far designing this and the "mega" kit. Please have the courtesy to leave a comment if you download.
Download Part 1 here:
Download Part 2 here:
The password is: bcmini
A Special Thank You to Anita @ Nana's Attic and Michelle Yiap @ Digiscrap Boutique for the commercial use doodles

Sunday, October 7, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Well I still have about 200 emails to cleanup!! However, all the really important stuff has been completed!!
I apologize to my Feedblitz members... I'll have the new promotion up early next week!
Since Friday I have been designing a Breast Cancer Awareness kit. You will be able to download a Free mini kit with 12 jpg files concerning BC Awareness that can be viewed using Microsoft picture and fax viewer. Please READ the files. It could save your life..
If you donate $1.00 or more to the Breast Cancer Society, you will receive the Breast Cancer Awareness Mega kit. Details will be discussed early next week. I have posted the slideshow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Freebie Quickpage Bundle

I think all of you will really like these 4 Halloween Quick pages! I want to thank EVERYONE for the delightful comments you left for me on 4shared. A special thanks to Laura Lakey for the Halloween House png files.
My Feedblitz list is growing daily and "You" are the special people that leave comments. I will come up with a new promotion on Friday and "My Feedblitz Subscribers" are going to be Very Happy!
I included two quick pages with 3 photos this time per the poll some square some round. There is also a new poll. What size QP do you use the most often? Then I will design the Quick pages per the poll.
I think you will especially like "Grandma's Little Pumpkins" Qp.
Download Here:
Password is: bundle

Finally Over My ISP Crisis

Technology is fantastic... But when you have to make a change with an ISP what a challenge...
Everything in technology world is NOT consistent... I spent 31/2 Hours on the phone Monday due to losing all my email contacts and archived emails... Needless to say I was like a blithering idiot by the time I finally got to talk to someone!!!

I must give credit to the "young man" that was soooo patient and got 80% of my archived emails back and 100% of my 983 email contacts... I don't think the ISP was prepared for the volume on some client's computers... The automatic "I changed my email address" did save me some time but I need to cleanup on all the addresses that blew up due to the way Earthlink's spamblocker and firewall handled them...

Then there was the 2 hour let's remove all the old software from Earthlink on Tuesday... And the 80gig download of the new software for adware, spam, malware,virus protection and firewall..
Then the scan disk for any of the above that was a 41/2 hour process until 1AM last night...

However, I just need to continue to change all my subscriptions and I did however create a new email address: ... So make sure you add it to your address book!!!