Friday, January 30, 2009

July 2009 Calendar Freebie

Finally back from Gainesville... My cold put me down for 4 days but I still attended (2) Basketball games and (2) practices. My Granddaughter tried to take care of Grandma but two of the Grandchildren were home from school with the same virus on Thursday. Grandma also made some invitations for Morgan's Birthday Party Sleepover. All in all even with the virus, nosebleeds. etc. I had a nice visit with my daughter and the kids. Joey got back from the conference Wednesday night. The weather has been CRAZY here! Yesterday it was 87 late afternoon in Orlando and tonight it is going down to possible freezing. North Florida is having a hard freeze until 9 AM.
And you wonder why people get sick....
Thought I'd better put up another month of the calendar freebie. So tonight you will be downloading July.

There is a BUY1 Get 1 Free Sale on the Entire Store in
Nore's Niche . If you have the time go take a peek. I'll be adding more new products on Monday.

You can download here:
The password is: oldglory
Special thanks to Helena Monteiro and Jannidee of Janniscrap Designs.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buy1 Get 1 FREE (equal or Lesser value) Entire Store!

Buy1 Get1 FREE (equal or Lesser value) Entire Store!
January 28th through February 2nd
If you prefer to receive a direct Paypal invoice email me with your selection of products at
I'll send a custom invoice directly from Paypal.

Purple Lovers Valentine Embellishments Freebie

I'm still in Gainesville until tomorrow... There have been basketball games, practices, Girl Scout meetings, registration for High School for next year and overnight family members from a 90th birthday celebration. These three days continue to be action packed! My son-in-law will be home later tonight from his conference. Yesterday my nose started dripping and hasn't stopped. My husband had this virus for two weeks. Thanks Rick! LOL...Oh well. I just hope I don't give it to Kim's kids... Need to get some Lysol and wipe door knobs, phones, computer, etc before I leave...

Anyhow I tried to find something on my portable hard drive and found these purple valentine embellishments that I created last year. The quality doesn't meet my standards now but someone might like them before I delete them... The embellishments have a glass finish.
Well the kids get home early today I need to pick them up at 12:30 so here you go...

Oh by the way I'm having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale in the Niche starting today on everything in the store... There are over 36 Dollar deals that you can pick-up for .50...
You can download here:
The password is: purple
Special thanks to Action fx for the custom shapes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

June 2009 Calendar Freebie

I hope that you all had a great weekend!
I've been busy with Valentines Products for the Niche. Be sure to check out the Vintage Valentine Angel Grab Bag and now there are 36 Dollar Deals.
I'm off to Gainesville until Thursday. Lots of stuff going on with the Grandchildren. I haven't seen them since the holidays so it's time for a visit.
When I was a teenager my brothers couldn't wait until Memorial Day and then fishing with my Dad. This whimsical bear says it all! I hope I made you smile today. Have a great week ...
You can download here:
The password is: fishin
Special thanks to Helena Monteiro and Digiwebstudio.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Vintage Valentine Angel Sampler

Yeah it's Friday!

I'm putting this sampler up again tonight. For some reason Digifree didn't pick it up yesterday. Please go to yesterdays post to see the Angel slide shows posts at I can guarantee they will make you smile...
New Dollar Deals in the Niche and the Vintage Valentine Angel Grab Bag for $3.00. The slide shows show all the "angels" included in the grab bag.
You can download the sampler here:
The password is: angellover
Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake, Digital Imagery Plus, Megadoodle Inspired, Ariane Rezende and Tania Ramalho Designs.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vintage Valentine Angel Sampler Freebie!!!

Tonight I have a "Sampler" of the six products I placed in the Niche. You can find a slideshow of the angels below:

Make sure that you choose "original view" on the right hand side so that you see larger images!
You can get all six products for $3.00 in the Vintage Valentine Angel Grab Bag.
You can also pickup individual Products in the Dollar Deals here:

You can download the Sampler Here:
The password is : angellover
Special Thanks to Atomic Cupcake, Digital Imagery Plus, Megadoodle Inspired, Ariane Rezende and Tania Ramalho Designs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

February 2009 Desktop Calendar

I've finally uploaded the desktop calendar for February in 4 different size resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x800 and 1680x1024. If you need to you can re size these to fit your monitor before you add your picture behind the desktop and save as a jpg. Depending on what version of windows you are using just right click on an empty spot of your desktop and click on properties or personalize to see what resolution your monitor is set for in pixels. Just write it down and select the template. Add your picture save somewhere you know on your hard drive as a jpg. Then do the right click again on the desktop choose properties or personalize, choose new background. At this point you may need to use browse depending on where you saved your file. Click on it and your done! Easy peasie...
You will recognize the papers from last years Valentine's freebies which are still up on 4shared. I'm at 88.2% at 4shared so I'm going to have to remove some freebies from the fall. So go to the right hand side of the blog, look for the freebies listing and make sure you check the labels (categories). Last chance!
I'm packaging and uploading new Dollar Deals for the Niche today! This weekend I'm going to have another sale. I'll give you a sample of the products so that you can review the quality.
You can download the Desktop Calendar here:
The password is: love
Special thanks must be extended to Dragon Lair Designs, Royanna Fritschmann, Andrea Designs and Action fx.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Quick Pages Freebie

Today history is made...
Royanna Fritschmann created a wonderful kit for this "Special Day." She has given me permission to post these two quick pages created by me from her kit for today only. You can get this kit "free today" at
this link has expired
after that it will be available in the Divine Digital Boutique.

The three frames on one of the quick pages represent pictures for my three Grandchildren expressing "Hope" for all of us with this monumental change. No matter what your political preference "Change in the United States is necessary." Let us all "hope" that it will take place over the next four years. We need to support our new President and give him the fortitude to meet all the challenges he has to confront.

This download link is only available until midnight.
Special thanks to Royanna Fritschmann at Divine Digital.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

May 2009 Calendar Freebie

I hope that you all had a great weekend. I'll be planning another trip to Gainesville soon. Morgan's birthday is February 5th. I think she wants to go to Disney instead of having a birthday party this year. Her Girl Scout troop was suppose to have a camp out this weekend but it was below freezing in North Florida last night. Today it only got to 68 at 2PM here in Orlando. I know all you Canadians and Northerners are laughing your butts off reading this but below freezing in Florida is not good especially if you like orange juice. LOL!
Tomorrow I'll have a freebie for you that is new for me to create. A desktop calendar for February. I created it in four resolutions but not sure if I totally like the way it turned out. I think I may need to decrease the size of my papers before I use the templates. I still need to package and upload.
But let's get to tonight's freebie! the May calendar...
The password is: buzz
Special thanks must be extended to Helena Monteiro, Keley Dominguez and

Thursday, January 15, 2009

April 2009 Calendar Freebie

Hope that you all have had a wonderful week!
Tomorrow's TGIF!
I've been busy busy at home and working on new products and dollar deals for the Niche. A collection for winter, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Other than that a pretty fine week if I might say so. CSI has Peterson leaving so I'm trying to get this posted by 8 PM.
Have a Great Evening!
The password is: bunny
Special thanks must be extended to Helena Monteiro Designs, Adriana Teixteira Designs and Action fx.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

March 2009 Calendar Freebie

Hope you all had a fantastic Saturday! Thank You for your comments and clicking on Best Scrap Freebies and Digiscrapstores Topsites! While all of you were back to work this week, I was busy learning how to make .csh files for Photoshop, trimming my images and also performing conversions on some of my image files. I have quite a few image collections to package as custom shapes for the next holidays. The packages will include the Photoshop custom shape file as well as individual pngs. Then I went off on a tangent using the warp tool to create layers for an animal collection that I'm working on in PSD format.
Anyhow enjoy your weekend! I've never given the dimensions on this calendar collection. The dimensions are 81/2 x 11.
You can download March here:
The password is: lep
I changed the password!!!
Special thanks must be extended to Helena Monteiro Designs, Royanna Fritschmann, Actionfx and Sue Chastain at .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

February 2009 Calendar Freebie

Well, sorry for the delay in getting February uploaded. You know the saying "Life Got in the Way."
I hope that you all enjoyed all the goodies over the holidays and if you have a moment please click on Best Scrap Freebies and Digiscrapshops Toplists for me to keep these freebies coming. (lower right hand side of the blog under feedjit.)
Make sure that you check the Valentines Day label under the freebie category on the right hand side of the blog.
The password is: bemine
Special thanks must be extended to Helena Monteiro Designs, Royanna Fritschmann, Kim Broedelet and Actionfx.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 2009 Calendar Freebie

Well tonight the holidays will be officially over... Sometimes we feel relieved however I enjoy the three month period since we seem to all have more family gatherings, special events for the children, cooking, baking and wrapping.

I hope that all of you "Enjoyed" the holidays with your family.

As you can see the blog has a new look. I bet you can't tell I love penguins. In Florida there is no snow but I still enjoy snowmen, snowy scenes and these little guys. I've been working on so many projects I can't begin to list them. Be on the lookout for more "Dollar Deals" in the Niche and more quick pages and brag books.

We will be beginning a Download a Day starting tonight. I broke down and purchased calendar templates but couldn't resist since so many designers are having sales.
Each download will be available for 48 hours only.
Enjoy the penguins!
The password is: chilly
Special thanks must be extended to Helena Monteiro Designs, Julia Fialho, Action fx and