Monday, July 30, 2007

Updated Blog Sites & Scrapbooking Sites

I've updated my blog sites to include: AmelieScrap le Blog, Digifree Links, Le Scrap de Miss ViVi, HM Scraps, Stone Accents, Designs by Krista and Stone Accent Studio which everyone should join. Check these blogs and the one site with the forum it will definitely be worthwhile!
I also have some Dutch sites that I will add later this week. The designs are all so unique when traveling worldwide. Time to go have a good evening!

Busy, Busy Week!

Well,this week has been intense. I attended a job fair at Central Florida College for three hours, was tested for an HIM position at a local hospital for 2 hours, went to a 2 hour lunch with an old CPA buddy and spent a day just cleaning for my company on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It took me all of Sunday evening to finish laundry, remake beds and finish dinner.
Today I cruised the internet, paid bills and "completed my first quickpage". Tomorrow I'll upload the kit to 4Shared which I have never used before for uploading. Then I will have to provide you with a link to Stone Accents since I used a freebie kit. This has been a good day! Learning experiences galore. I have purchased some Designer Kits for Commercial use. I'll try to make a mini kit and Quick page by the end of the week. I'm very slow at this with being a newby. I just need to make some templates for the elements to hasten the process.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Party a Success!

The Birthday party for my son-in-law was a success! Everyone enjoyed themselves, the kids had fun swimming and everyone enjoyed the DVD. I have to burn another for someone who didn't make the party by request. I have a busy week so probably still won't get any layouts done but I will try to make some time! Will try at least to do a slideshow of the PA trip (without layouts). To everyone have a Great Monday (if that's possible)!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

DVD Done! Off to Gainesville

Well I'm finally done with the DVD! It will be a great surprise. Off to Gainesville now to help Kim before the party. I think I've got the software figured out but my video card is too old for a certain file format. Does anyone know what Direct X 9.0 is?? Please leave a comment on my blog. To all have a great weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Son-in-Law's Birthday Video

Well I have had a day!. I scanned 75 pictures edited, enhanced and/or cropped them. Added another 25 pictures and made 4 movie files for my Son-In-Law's Birthday video that I have to have completed by tomorrow for his party. I got confused and thought medium was better than good so I need to re-render the movie files tomorrow and burn another DVD. It's okay I still have time. I think he is really going to be pleased with it and quite the surprise since this is made with new software from Roxio Media Creator 9. This will be his 40th Birthday and my daughter has invited some neighbors, friends and UF Grads that both he and my daughter keep in contact with. My Grandchildren will really be surprised with the photos. We all have albums in the closet or in a cabinet somewhere. It is a real treat to have it on DVD.
The slideshow I did of Morgan "The Making of a Princess" I burned onto DVD and she keeps the DVD in her Disney DVD player cabinet. She can operate it on her own.
Well now it is time to say good night to all. It has been "a very good day!".

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Philadelphia Liberty Bell & Phillies

While in Pennsylvania, we took a tour of Philadelphia, visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. My brother Scott through his generosity was able to obtain seven tickets to the Phillies vs. St. Louis Cardinals major league game. My grandsons were ecstatic! Monday Mom & Dad, Scott & Lisa, Kim, Joey & Grandchildren met at the Shady Maple Inn for dinner which is in Amish country. Rick & I flew into Orlando Monday night. Kim, Joey and the kids are driving home by way of Skyline Drive through the mountains and will stop at Luray Caverns. This trip was fantastic for the Grandchildren!

Back Home from the 60th Anniversary Party!

My parents 60th Anniversary Party was a total surprise! My parents were overwhelmed that ALL eight children and spouses, Six of the eight Grandchildren and Nine of the ten Great-Grandchildren, as well as, neighbors and friends attended.
The event was held at my brother Scott's home in Pennsylvania. There was sooooo much to eat and drink. The barbecue was delicious. The seafood a delight. The Great-Grandchildren had a wonderful day in the pool with the temperature at 92 degrees. Then there were photos, photos and more photos. It will be a challenge to co-ordinate the distribution from soooooo many cameras.
My brother Scott was gracious enough to provide lodging for the seven Floridian's and My sister Lynn provided lodging for six New Yorker's. My brother Gary flew down from Maine. My Uncle Don drove down from New York. We all had a spectacular day. The day just went by toooooo quickly. The last event with everyone present was my parent's 50th Anniversary. God willing we will all be together for my parents 70th Anniversary!
Thank You so much Scott and Lisa for making the time to prepare for hosting the event. Due to their generosity and hospitality, the event was a huge success!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun in the Sun!

Well, yesterday was a long day... Got up at 5:30AM drove to Gainesville (2hrs 10min) spent all day with the kids in the pool... Absolutely beautiful... Even though it was 96 Gainesville had a beautiful breeze and the pool water was warm... Then back home (2hours 10 min)... Well, back to the DVD... Now up to 450 pictures scanned and over 650 pictures enhanced, cropped, etc... whew! Blew my computer software up on Sunday for the DVD... Oh Well. I may need to rethink using digital papers on the background screen... Went to burn the DVD got all the way through to where it encodes the menu and the whole thing blew up with it freezing up the computer, etc.. I may need to make several DVD's since too many buttons on the menu... Just another day in digital heaven! The support is only open Monday thru Friday 10 to 6... I'll call today!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Fairytale Birthday!


Alisha Hess at Sweet&simpledesigns
Ameli Scrap at
Anita Designs at Nanas-attic

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Would Have 100 visitors today!

As of right now I would have had a Hundred visitors to the blog if I hadn't blown my counter away! I really have fun watching all the interaction with these blogs! Well back to work on the DVD... I do have a deadline!

Hope Everyone Had a Great July 4th!

Well, I'm in the final round of scanning and that will be completed by tomorrow AM... To date 424 pictures scanned... 560 pictures cropped, enhanced and edited or any combination of the former... Most music has been selected for the individual themes... I went up to Kim's and rescued her pictures and some files from their hard drive due to a virus... Going back up on Monday to watch the kids since Joey got called into the office for another project... At least he gets comp time for his summer hours in the guidance office... Talked to Mom and she said Scott's July 4th pool party was fantastic! Chris now has Jocelyn, Mackenzie and Christopher Ian so she is veryyy busy... Stay tuned for another update tomorrow!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on pictures!

Well I've been veryyyyyyyyyyy busy scanning,cropping,enhancing and organizing my pictures... Wasn't real happy to see my wedding pictures have really faded! As I was saying to Mom over the weekend "I have always considered any picture over 50 years old to be vintage"... Mom now "My" pictures are vintage... I maybe on the outside but not in my heart... She just really laughed... Got teri's disk.. I should be receiving some from Lynn to scan for her... She is running into the same thing with the fading of the pictures... I guess B&W was the best way to photograph... I have a surprise for all of you! I downloaded some mp3 Scottish music and have downloaded Tartans from the Molly&Max blog... I'm just having tooo much fun with all of this... Rick has been complaining about the length of time I've been in my office... Oh well this to will pass,as soon as, I complete this mamoth project... So far I have scanned over 200 pictures!!! I have also enhanced another hundred... Still have far too many to do but I will keep plugging away...