Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back Home from the 60th Anniversary Party!

My parents 60th Anniversary Party was a total surprise! My parents were overwhelmed that ALL eight children and spouses, Six of the eight Grandchildren and Nine of the ten Great-Grandchildren, as well as, neighbors and friends attended.
The event was held at my brother Scott's home in Pennsylvania. There was sooooo much to eat and drink. The barbecue was delicious. The seafood a delight. The Great-Grandchildren had a wonderful day in the pool with the temperature at 92 degrees. Then there were photos, photos and more photos. It will be a challenge to co-ordinate the distribution from soooooo many cameras.
My brother Scott was gracious enough to provide lodging for the seven Floridian's and My sister Lynn provided lodging for six New Yorker's. My brother Gary flew down from Maine. My Uncle Don drove down from New York. We all had a spectacular day. The day just went by toooooo quickly. The last event with everyone present was my parent's 50th Anniversary. God willing we will all be together for my parents 70th Anniversary!
Thank You so much Scott and Lisa for making the time to prepare for hosting the event. Due to their generosity and hospitality, the event was a huge success!!!

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teri said...

Hi! I'd say good evening but it is really good morning... ugh... but after the 5 loads of laundry housecleanning etc... here I am. It was so good to see everyone and I thought Scott & Lisa really did an amazing job!
But very disappointed thought for sure you'd have pics up and scrapbooked. Kidding... sorta...