Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on pictures!

Well I've been veryyyyyyyyyyy busy scanning,cropping,enhancing and organizing my pictures... Wasn't real happy to see my wedding pictures have really faded! As I was saying to Mom over the weekend "I have always considered any picture over 50 years old to be vintage"... Mom now "My" pictures are vintage... I maybe on the outside but not in my heart... She just really laughed... Got teri's disk.. I should be receiving some from Lynn to scan for her... She is running into the same thing with the fading of the pictures... I guess B&W was the best way to photograph... I have a surprise for all of you! I downloaded some mp3 Scottish music and have downloaded Tartans from the Molly&Max blog... I'm just having tooo much fun with all of this... Rick has been complaining about the length of time I've been in my office... Oh well this to will pass,as soon as, I complete this mamoth project... So far I have scanned over 200 pictures!!! I have also enhanced another hundred... Still have far too many to do but I will keep plugging away...

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