Friday, July 20, 2007

Son-in-Law's Birthday Video

Well I have had a day!. I scanned 75 pictures edited, enhanced and/or cropped them. Added another 25 pictures and made 4 movie files for my Son-In-Law's Birthday video that I have to have completed by tomorrow for his party. I got confused and thought medium was better than good so I need to re-render the movie files tomorrow and burn another DVD. It's okay I still have time. I think he is really going to be pleased with it and quite the surprise since this is made with new software from Roxio Media Creator 9. This will be his 40th Birthday and my daughter has invited some neighbors, friends and UF Grads that both he and my daughter keep in contact with. My Grandchildren will really be surprised with the photos. We all have albums in the closet or in a cabinet somewhere. It is a real treat to have it on DVD.
The slideshow I did of Morgan "The Making of a Princess" I burned onto DVD and she keeps the DVD in her Disney DVD player cabinet. She can operate it on her own.
Well now it is time to say good night to all. It has been "a very good day!".

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