Friday, November 30, 2007

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

Good Evening to All of You! I am going to put this Quick page "Our Little Christmas Angels" up a day early since I know everyone will be busy tomorrow shopping. Just a little bit of glitz on Quick page #5 of the "Country Glitter Collection." I hope you like the snowflakes.

I'm busy packaging everything for my part in the "Christmas Around the World Collaboration." Rudolph and the elves are still missing! The baby penguins want to go out and play in the snow! Hopefully by Monday everything will settle down at the North Pole. It's feeling a lot like Christmas!
You can download here:
The password is: angels

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Well, it has been two days and Santa's elves and Rudolph are still MIA! However, the little penguins are maintaining the toy shoppe for Santa. In the meantime I have another "Country Glitter QP" #4 for you. This QP has quite a bit of glitz. I hope I haven't over done the glitter. By the amount of downloads on the other 3 pages it appears "simple" is better. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
You can download here:
The password is: peace

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

Good Day to you all! I have several books called "Ultimate Collection of Thoughts" by Linda Latourelle that are designed for special events. I think that you will like this "Country Glitter Quick page" and the sentiment. Enjoy! It's feeling a Lot like Christmas.
I'm working on the Feedblitz promo and well there are these "little Penguins" that are helping Santa. Santa can't seem to locate the elves or Rudolph. What do you think they are up to anyhow?? Maybe shopping?? or maybe some mischief!
You can download here:
the password is: night

Monday, November 26, 2007

Country Glitter Quick page Freebie-Christmas Blessings

I will be running a series of freebies for the "Country Glitter Quick pages" during the next 14 days. I will need to remove them after I post my contribution to "Christmas Around the World." Make sure that you download them after you receive the Feedblitz email so that you will receive the "complete set."

For the past five days I have definitely had toooo much fun creating these designs. I love the "holidays".
You can download here:
The password is: blessings

New Feedblitz Promo for the month of December

I'll be removing the November Feedblitz Autumn Harvest Kit on December 3rd to make room for "Holiday gift giving". Feedblitz members make sure that you have downloaded all the parts to this Mega Kit!
I'm currently working on a Christmas Kit (whimsical in nature) for my Feedblitz members and a promo for new registrants. So stay tuned!
Remember to keep mark December 10th on your calendars for "Christmas Around the World" .

Poll on winrar and zip is closed!

Thank you for participating. I will be using the zipped format for the holidays so everyone can enjoy the freebies. Thanks so much for the comments. I hope that the scrappers still hooked on zip files read the information regarding the "free" software that is out there for uncompressing both types of files. After the holidays I'll be going back to the rar format.

Special Thank You

I have been remiss in thanking so many of you for leaving the "fantastic comments" for me on 4shared. I really loved the poem Beverly left for me. Fellow bloggers also mentioned the poem. I hope all of you enjoyed your "Thanksgiving Holiday". I am thankful for all of "YOU" special people that come to visit my blog.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Quickpage Freebie

From my "Family" to your "Family" have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Just a little something while dinner is cooking. Enjoy!

You can download here:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do You Prefer Winrar or Zipped Files?

Several bloggers have emailed me regarding Zipped and Winrar files. One of the reasons rar is used so much for Freebies is due to the fact they compress to a smaller file. Our space on 4shared is limited so that is why you see the freebies in rar format.
Please look in the right hand column and vote in the poll please. I really don't want to eliminate a blogger due to the file size but I won't be able to leave the freebies up for as long as I do. Just so you understand why I'm starting to remove links. Anyhow Please VOTE!
PLease read the COMMENT that a fellow blogger left for a free extraction software for winrar AND zipped files!
Uh Oh I'm at 14800 on the counter! I'd better think about what I'm going to share after I get back from Gainesville on Wednesday. Well, I have 21/2 hours to think about it on my way up to Gainesville and another coming back. Ha! I bet I can find something since I've been working on Christmas. I also need to finish my Thanksgiving Kit!

Country Glitter Quickpage Freebie

I can’t believe Thursday is Thanksgiving already. My Grandsons have an “All Stars Football Tournament” (both of them made the teams going for their age group) in Macon, GA the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. They live in Gainesville, FL. My husband works in retail and this year they are opening NOT at 5AM but midnight and the store is also open Thanksgiving Day until 7PM. Needless to say there will be NO Thanksgiving get together at Kim’s or my house this Thanksgiving. BUT, I’m heading on my way to Gainesville this afternoon to participate in two of the Grandchildren’s Thanksgiving Feasts at their school on Tuesday and then a scrimmage game Tuesday night.
Good news! Stay tuned and Mark December 10th on your calendars for “Christmas Around the World”. I’m in the process of making a Christmas Kit as a participant. This will keep me out of trouble and not spending money with the Thanksgiving sales.
You can download your first Christmas freebie Here:
The password is: woods

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autumn Harvest Mini Kit Freebie for All!

This kit is a sampling of the large "Autumn Harvest Kit" that my Feedblitz subscribers will receive. I think that you will like the homespun textured papers in a "rich Burgundy and Autumn Gold."
Feedblitz subscribers no need to download. You will receive a newsflash with the links for download.
You can download here:
The password is: mini

Autumn Harvest Feedblitz Promotion Freebie!

You can Receive this “Autumn Harvest Kit” just by registering with my Feedblitz (Right hand side of blog).
All of my Feedblitz registrants will receive the password and links to these files. My Feedblitz Registrants receive additional "Freebies" from my blog. In addition to this Feedblitz notifies "YOU" by email of any changes to the blog so you won't miss out on a "Freebie", coupons or news. You also receive a direct link to the "Freebie". You may unsubscribe at any time. I think you will enjoy its ease of use.
This kit includes: 4 Textured Solid Papers, 4 Textured Plaid Papers, 4 Vellum Papers, 6 Matted 8x8 Frames, 8 Matted 6x8 Frames, 8 Solid Tags, 4 Decorative Plaid Tags and 31 Elements. This Classic Themed Kit can be used for both Thanksgiving and Christmas photos.
I originally designed this kit for J3’s October Kit Club but for some reason the kit never made it to the Kit Club Members. However, this is “lucky” for all of you! Remember when I asked everyone if they liked homespun textures back in September.

This is my gift to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall Quickpage Freebie

Well I'm finally back to blogging after two weeks. I was up in Gainesville for a week. I attended two football championships, went to my Granddaughter's fall festival luncheon, my Granddaughter's Halloween party, an after school Halloween party, trick or treating, a homecoming parade and a football party on Saturday. We had a buffet that would knock your socks off with deep fried turkey. I truly enjoyed the entire week along with checking out the local papers for real estate. Prices are beginning to come down in the area and I'm watching veryyy closely. Then last week my husband was on vacation. need I say anything more!

I finally have a Thanksgiving treat and by tomorrow a new Feedblitz promo. My friend Judi with Judi's Crafts painted six more images and they are scanned. I just need to clean them up and we will be ready to go with a "Thanksgiving Mega Kit". I have been experimenting with some new overlays and decorative papers so I know you are going to love this kit.

Here is your first two page set for Fall. I think you'll enjoy the fall color palette.

You can download here:

the password is: fall

Enjoy!! Much more to follow!