Monday, November 19, 2007

Do You Prefer Winrar or Zipped Files?

Several bloggers have emailed me regarding Zipped and Winrar files. One of the reasons rar is used so much for Freebies is due to the fact they compress to a smaller file. Our space on 4shared is limited so that is why you see the freebies in rar format.
Please look in the right hand column and vote in the poll please. I really don't want to eliminate a blogger due to the file size but I won't be able to leave the freebies up for as long as I do. Just so you understand why I'm starting to remove links. Anyhow Please VOTE!
PLease read the COMMENT that a fellow blogger left for a free extraction software for winrar AND zipped files!
Uh Oh I'm at 14800 on the counter! I'd better think about what I'm going to share after I get back from Gainesville on Wednesday. Well, I have 21/2 hours to think about it on my way up to Gainesville and another coming back. Ha! I bet I can find something since I've been working on Christmas. I also need to finish my Thanksgiving Kit!


Kim said...

Either is fine with me, whichever is better for you! For anyone who needs something to unzip both, there is a freeware program called 7-zip that works great!!!
Have a very blessed Thanksgiving and thanks for the QP :)

Melanie Morales said...

I'm with kim on this. Either is fine. RAR just triggers my computer to want to open a download instead of save it - but that is a MILD - VERY MILD - thing. I just switch to save to disk and then I'm on my way. I have 7Zip and I also use another freeware program called IZARC that will handle both RAR and ZIP files.

Jan R said...

Either one is okay with me. I have both. Which ever is best for you

Anonymous said...

winrar, i`ve gotten used to it.

akalittelady said...

winrar will open winzip files also.
Thank you for the lovely quick page.

CaliChris said...

I have seems less work...Thank u for asking!