Friday, August 31, 2007

DesignsbyJ3 at the Mega Byte Mall!

Please come join me in this Labor Day Celebration at the Mega Byte Mall!!

J3 and ME! has just revamped the store. Mrs B has added NEW INVENTORY. There is a Freebie Kit. And Specials galore!
We have a RAK going on the the forums! And there is also an opportunity to win a FREE membership to the Kit Club for a year!!!
We have two new designers: Idgie's Antique Shoppe and ME (Nore's Nice-ities)! Yes, you heard me right, little old me... I just finished my first Brag book entitled "The Rose" ... It is ten pages 4x6 300 dpi png format...
Check this preview out!!!
The Rose Brag book is $4.99 at J3 and ME! for (10) 4x6 or 6x4 pages in 300 dpi png format!

School Colors Brag book Pages 5-8

Just in time for the Holiday! I have completed pages 5-8! I think you are really going to enjoy that lace from Kim Broedelet. I purchased her Designer Grab bag this week. Stay tuned for a few more pages. I think we have enough girly so now we will swing towards the All Stars! Enjoy!

Download link has expired.
Have a Wonderful Labor Day!!!

RAK with DesignsbyJ3 and Me!

DesignsbyJ3 and Me Are looking for people to RAK!
Pop over to the site and post in the forums!
You might just get lucky!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Colors Bragbook Pages 3&4!

Well, been a little busy but finally got two more pages done of the Bragbook! Maybe tomorrow night I'll have two more pages done! Enjoy them!
Please leave me some comments regarding the new ribbons & what I call "home spun" papers. I'll start making some Fall plaids and checks IF I get some comments in the comments section or Cbox...
Download link has expired.

J3 Discontinued Kits 75% Off for Two Days Only!

If you want a bargain go here to DesignsbyJ3 Shop! These kits are between $1.00 and $1.25 each. Mrs B needs to make room for new inventory! You can't pass this up for the price! These are High resolution images! This Sale is for just today and tomorrow Only! Grab them while you can!

J3 Discontinued Kits 75% Off 2 Days Only!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Removing Whimsical Yellow After the Holiday!

I've just reviewed the stats on the Whimsical Yellow Kit and need to make room on 4Shared! I know everyone has NOT downloaded all of the parts of the kit... Please make sure you download what you need... I will be removing the links after the Holiday! Have a great evening!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

School Colors Brag book!

I'm uploading the first two pages of the Orange/Black/White Bragbook that was the winner of the School Poll last week! I hope you enjoy the first two pages. I'm working on more papers and embellishments. I've left blank space so that if Your school colors aren't the above you will still be able to use the pages for Halloween.

However, you won't see any ghosties or ghoulies! Who knows when it gets closer to Halloween I just might add some more embellishments... Hint Hint!

Please leave me some comments regarding the new ribbons & what I call "home spun" papers. I'll start making some Fall plaids and checks IF I get some comments in the comments section or Cbox...

Download link has expired.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

DesignsbyJ3 QP in Freebie Gallery

In the Meantime Another QP

Well, this QP is number 6 in the Whimsical Yellow Kit... Enjoy!! This will probably be the last one... Make sure you download everything with the Whimsical Yellow Kit! I've used 70% of my 4Shared space so I'm gonna have to start removing the kit soon (about one more week)...

I've got to make room for a fall kit after the Bragbook!

Download link has expired.

School Color Poll Winner!

Sheri... You did it ... Orange/Black/White will be the colors for the bragbook! Everyone look at it this way Halloween is just around the corner! This set I'm going to keep simple so that you can adorn it with other embellishments as you wish... Most software packages allow you to resize the image... Leave me a comment on how you feel about it being a "Simple" Layout...

While I create the papers and embellishments, I'm going to ask and PLEASE leave me a comment... Do you want?? circles, dots, plaids, stripes, flowers or geometrics in the papers????
I'll definitely have solids... I have some beautiful overlays for the papers... Next kit!!!

Have a good evening!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quick pages at DesignsbyJ3!

Well, I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag! I've been designing some Quickpages for DesignsbyJ3. All you need is 35 posts in the forum to have access to the gallery where there are freebie quickpages and some kits. Remember she has the Kit Club for $25 per year that's for 12 Kits! There is activity and a wealth of information in the forums. Just come over and join. There is no fee to join the forums. We'd be happy to see you there. DesignsbyJ3 has opened a store in the "Mega Byte Mall" which has it's Grand Opening September 1st. Make sure you go over to the Mall the shops are offering some freebies with the Grand Opening!

Poll Almost Over 11 Hours Left! School Colors

I think Sheri sent out recruits to come to the blog! I also read over at Stone Accents where she would like someone to do a Cheerleaders Kit! As of right now this minute... Orange/Black/White is in the lead... I have been busy creating my templates and just waiting for the old clock to strike! I will start out with 2 pages of the brag book at a time... Who knows how many pages at this point.. We know how I keep doing quick pages on the Whimsical Yellow Kit! stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Addition of Babel Fish! Addtl Freebie Cbox-Feedblitz

Due to the number of foreign visitors to the Blog, I have added Babelfish... Click on a flag... You can have some fun with this tool!
I am going to give out another freebie if you sign up for Feedblitz or C-Box! By Labor Day we are going to have some very "Important Announcements!" I don't want you to miss out! If you decide Feedblitz you will get an email whenever I update the blog! You can however cancel at any time... Best way to go!

Monday, August 20, 2007

POLL on School Colors!

You have two days left to vote on your school colors! Get your vote in ... The poll sometimes isn't available so two people voted by Cbox... We now have a tie: Will it be Red/Navy/White or will it be Orange/Black/White? Get your votes in... I've been a working on the template for the brag book!

Did I forget You? No not Ever... Another QP!

I got really busy over the weekend... Was busy with job interviews... Yep! the party's over... I've graduated!.. I never did get the Whimsical Yellow scraps in a bag... Dang it maybe tomorrow... But I have a surprise... Another Whimsical Yellow Quick page ... I can't seem to get away from this Black & White and then I found some daisies! I had to put a picture in the QP since the background was white... Don't worry there is a slot there for your photo... Rachael has daisies in her bouquet! At least I finally got another layout done and you get another QP! I'd call that a win win!
Download link has expired.
Sorry I had to go back to passwords... People seem to like to grab with NO gab comment that is... So leave a little love...

Friday, August 17, 2007

POLL on School Colors 2

Sorry, the poll counter somehow has gone awry! Blogger needs to be notified!! I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience...
Just read the colors I selected for the Poll in Thursday's post and leave a comment here on your color choice... Dang thing works sometimes... Blogger still has this in beta status...

Quick page Bonus 4 - Congrats

I'm uploading this late tonight since I was busy all day creating templates and another project soon to be announced. I promised another Whimsical Yellow Quick page since I am now a Moderator for "Designs byJ3". I needed to cleanup my computer hard drive work area and discovered some elements that never quite made it to be packaged. So over the weekend I'll tinker with those items since it involves learning another technique. I'll upload a "Grab Bag" of those items that coordinate with the "Whimsical Yellow Kit" over the weekend. You will find some slight changes in my download package. Please read the items enclosed. I've added a word file and a card concerning piracy.

Download Link has expired.

Have a Great Weekend! I certainly plan on it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm very excited about being a "moderator" at J3 Forums! Good News!!! In celebration of this event Guess what you are going to receive tomorrow!! Yep, you got it another Quick page! Please go over and view the J3 store and sign up for the forums. Ms. B gives you access to several kits after 35 posts... Join her Kit Club it is very reasonable. It is $25 for the year and you get 12 kits! The links are in my site and blog roll... Have some fun! I'm going to enjoy every minute of it! See you there!

POLL on School Colors!

I have posted a POLL on the right hand side below the C-box for your choice of the School Colors! These are the combos: Orange-Royal Blue-White (Gators), Red-Black-White (Buccaneers), Orange-Black-White (Talbot Tigers), Red-Navy Blue-White (Fort Clarke Middle School) and Medium Blue-Yellow-White. Please complete the poll and I will create a 4 X6 Brag book as a freebie!!!
Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quick pages & School Colors Brag book

Everyone I'd really like to see some layouts from the Quick pages or the Kit so that I can make a slide show for the Blog! Everyone takes pride in "their" creations whether it is a Quick page or complete layout. A designer is inspired by the feedback received. I hated to see the conclusion of Whimsical Yellow. I did mention several days ago that there would be a "Bonus" for submission.
I am currently working on my brag book templates. I'd like the next project to be a Brag book with "Your" School Colors. Please refer to the post several days ago. Tomorrow I'll be putting up a poll with various color schemes. Please take a moment and leave a comment on the blog or the Cbox.
I'm very excited about some "things" I'm currently designing! As soon as, I have them completed enough to release. I'll be shouting it out!
Have a Great Evening!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Freebie Part 7

Thanks to everyone for the "lovely" comments regarding my "Birthday". I took a break yesterday from the "Whimsical Yellow Kit" because I got a new toy for my birthday. I got a Wacom Graphics Tablet !!! Wahoooo!!! It was a wonderful day! I even got flowers!

I spent yesterday installing the tablet, a filters program and Photoshop Elements 3. It took me 3 hours just to install the software and print manuals. Then I played and played and played. I still don't have my brain trained on how to use the pen correctly. The mouse was pretty intuitive. Then there is the Photoshop Elements that literally took over control of all my images on the computer system! So that was a 1 hour project on returning my DIP to the default.

Well, it took me far too long to create this ALPHA for you. Well the template is done but what a nightmare to highlight the edge.

You will receive an Upper Case Alpha & Numbers in the Yellow Print fabric. There are additional characters, ie Brackets, exclaimation, etc.

Link has Expired.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Everyone take a moment go over to Stone Accents Forums and sign-up! I have been creating QP's for the forums and have also been creating QP's for Pillowgirl's Blog! Congratulations to Pillowgirl, a new designer for Stone Accents Studio which is due to open today! By the way today is really my birthday! Yep, I'm one of those "Freaky Friday the 13th" babes! Seriously take a break and go over to both Blogs, they are all offering freebies!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Music Bye Bye

Sorry but after receiving an email from someone in the "Know" I've removed the music from the blog. I thoroughly enjoy the music but we are on the internet and copyrights apply to music , as well as, designs.

Birthday Freebie Part 6

Hope you all are having a great Sunday morning! Whimsical Yellow will soon come to a close with one more Part that I hope to have completed tonight. You will receive in Part 6 (24) ribbons/eyelets. I had fun making the eyelet template! I think possibly my age is showing here. I used to use a lot of ribbon and lace in my craft show projects over the past 30 years. I hope you enjoy it. I used the decorative stitches on the eyelet border.
Link has expired.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quickpage Layouts

So you think I gave you those QuickPages without a Hitch! I want you to send me "Your" layouts! Then we will do a slideshow of your favorites. Many of you told me you wear these colors, so there you go. Now I want completed layouts. "Pretty Please."

P.S. It doesn't have to be a Quickpage... Any Layout with the kit...
"Leave a comment if you have a completed layout for Upload."
P.S.P.S. Guess what the bonus is going to be!

School Colors

Being a "Grandma" I know how each of my Grandchildren feel so much pride for their "School". Included in the 4shared comments of the Whimsical Yellow kit, were some Moms that were delighted with the Yellow/Black/White combination since it was their school colors. I think my next project will be a 6X4 Bragbook featuring "SOMEONE'S" school colors. I'd like to get some feedback. Leave me a comment! The next project could be "Your" school colors!

Birthday Freebie Part 5

I'd just like to take a moment and "Thank" everyone that has left the wonderful comments on 4shared, my blog comments and Cbox. I truely appreciate "your time". All of you have brought great joy to my heart at a very "special" time this week. I have had a Wonderful Birthday Week!

Link has expired.
You will be getting 20 Textured Tags

Thursday, August 9, 2007

1000 Hits Quickpage Bonus

I am uploading the 1000 Hits Quickpage Bonus a little early tonight due to my Overseas subscribers. By midnight my counter should be at 1000! Enjoy this Quickpage! Tomorrow I'll have another Part to Whimsical Yellow completed!

I had a wonderful Graduation & Birthday Celebration with my family at Olive Garden this evening. My Grandchildren came to the Graduation from Gainesville, FL a two and a half hour drive. Lots of pictures were taken. I'll do a slideshow over the weekend to share with everyone.

Link has expired.
Enjoy another QP Freebie!

Feedblitz Clarification

Please let me clarify something. Feedblitz is for email addresses NOT blogger addresses. It makes it difficult to put something confidential , i.e. like a private 4Shared link with a password in a comment section of a blog. It kinda defeats the purpose of "you" receiving a "Bonus" for completing a task "you've earned". I EMAIL you the link and password. If you choose not to give me your email address, I'm sorry I can't give you the "Bonus Freebie." Believe it or not this helps protect "You" by using the "Feedblitz". You can always "Unsubscribe to Feedblitz" if so desired. When you register, if you don't pr0vide your name that's fine. I can still email the file link to you.
I'm sorry if you haven't received the bonus. Please follow the instructions and you "will" receive the bonus. I've decided to Delete the nasty "comment" from the blog rather than embarrass the individual that wrote it. You know "a little sugar goes a long way".

Oh My! I'd better start working on a new QP

Thanks to all of you that registered with Feedblitz, Comments and Cbox! I'm caught up again on sending you your "Bonus Quickpage."

Well, Digifree kicked in last night while I was sleeping. Thank You Maria for providing this fantastic tool!

Make sure you go to the older posts for "All the parts to Whimsical Yellow". I checked the download counts this AM and are a bit skewed.

I'll try to get the Quickpage completed since I could hit the 1000 posts by midnight tonight! Today is Graduation Day so I won't be online after 11 AM.

Have a Great Day! I plan to do just that...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Long Day!

It's been a long day between my blog and completing QP's for two Exchanges! Tomorrow I'll be busy for Graduation so I won't be responding as quickly as I did today. Goodnight to All!

OMG I'm up to 700 on my counter! When I hit 1000 you'll get a "Bonus Whimsical Yellow Quickpage"! So keep coming and downloading!

Birthday Freebie Part 4

Thank You for all the wonderful comments on 4shared and Cbox today! Thanks to all of you that signed up for Feedblitz today. Make sure that you download your "Bonus Freebie". I'm finally caught up on sending your emails with the link.

Tonight we have Part 4 of the "Birthday Celebration" . There are 6 Beveled frames, 6 6X4 Mats, 6 Torn Paper Borders and 6 Torn Paper Mats. It is a "Huge 42 meg Download." I think you are really going to like the beveled frames! Your Black and White pages will "pop"!
Link has expired.
Tomorrow is Graduation Day for me from
Central Florida College's Health Information Technology Program!
I'm going to "Celebrate"!

So Sorry!

I'm so sorry. I posted the freebie late last night and forgot the link! I'll have to be more careful. My husband was in a tizzy and told me to get off that @!&% computer. Thank You to the three people that left comments.

After reflection of the above, I just checked my Feedblitz and Cbox registration and the three people that left comments about "No Link". Due to my error, I will be sending them a "Special Freebie Quickpage" for taking the time to tell me about the problem and registering.

Anyone that leaves an email address in CBox or registers with Feedblitz for the next "Five Days" will also get this additional freebie.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Birthday Freebie Part 3

I have a little surprise for you! I got carried away and designed (20) flowers in the Yelow/Black/White Combination. You will find single flowers with brads and also bouquets. I learned a new technique and acted like the energizer bunny... kept going and going and going... I had fun designing them. These flowers were designed in DIP suite. Enjoy!
Link has expired
Leave me comments please on 4shared, Cbox or the comments section under the post.

Thank You!

Thanks to all who left comments on 4shared, my C-Box & my Comment section. I was pleasantly surprised at the feedback. Stay tuned tonight I'll be loading Part 3 of my Whimsical Yellow Kit. I'm still working on buttons and ribbons. I think you will be Surprised! Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Please leave comments in my C-Box

Most of my family are not bloggers so I placed the C-Box there for chatting and and my family since I'm behind on the DVD... Still need some CD's from their digital equipment... Have a good evening!

Birthday Freebie Part 2

I hope that you all enjoyed the Quickpage Freebie. Now it is time to post the Part 2 of my freebie (6) papers that I hope you all will enjoy. I got hung up on designing the elements today and probably went a little overboard. This was to originally be a "mini-kit". I think you will enjoy designing with the Black & White. The White paper is textured. The preview doesn't do it justice.
Link Has Expired

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Birthday Freebie Part1

I told you I would upload the freebie tonight!
The password is Happybirthday (make sure to use upper & lower case)
Link has Expired

Enjoy and make sure to leave me a comment

Birthday Celebration!

I have just produced the papers for my first mini kit in DIP suite. I will Be giving away pieces of the kit during the next seven days! Stop by every other day for a piece of my cake, I mean "Kit". After all it is my "Birthday Celebration." The Quickpage below will give you a "Hint". In the meantime I'll be uploading my Whimsical Yellow Quickpage tonight. Please take this opportunity to sign up for Feedblitz so you will know when the next piece of the kit is uploaded. And please leave a comment in my cbox. I need feedback on how well I'm doing. Everyone needs a little bit of Love.

Philadelphia Duck Tour

Check out those Quackers!!!
Commercial Use Overlays & some Elements Divine Digital Team
Royanna Fritschmann, Princess Lala, Karen Heckathorne
& Tina Williams

Shame on Me to My Family!

Sorry to those of you that wanted to see new slideshows... I've been busy creating QP's for two swaps... I'll get back to the Anniversary party this week!!! I've changed the header to the blog but can't seem to get the right dimensions... I'll research this,too... Also, I put up a c-box for messages since several people have had problems leaving comments...All you need for this is an email address... You don't have to have a blog...I'm also going to install feedblitz. All you have to do is type in your email address and when I update the blog it notifies you of a change, ie slideshow, posting,etc... Pretty neat especially when I start my freebies... Please go over to Pillow Girls blog and read the last two days posts... The quickpage I designed is listed and their are positive comments... Just click Pillow Girl's blog in my Favorite Blogspots and it will take you there directly...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Quickpage Contest - Pillowgirl's Scraps

Everyone needs to go to Pillowgirl's blog! She has a freebie Gallery that will knock your socks off! She is having a Quickpage contest with using ANY of her kits on the blog. Read carefully there are several areas that have kits, embellishments, papers and QP's. I have completed a QP freebie for her contest. Have fun looking over many kits to choose from. The company she uses for storage though can be slow at times or maybe my problem with Sprint today. Consider making a Quickpage she will give out all the various quickpages completed by the entrants. READ her blog!

Quick Page Freebie

What a day I have had between Sprint (Embarq) and 4Shared. I think communications was a real problem today. We have had severe thunderstorms for the past two days here in Florida.
Well my Quickpage for stone accents finally got uploaded to 4shared today. The Moderator will have to review first before it can be downloaded. I'll give you the update tomorrow. You must join Stone Accent Studio but it will definitely pay off if you like quick pages. Check out the Forums! First go to Julie's blog. It is listed in my favorite blogs "Stone Accents".