Saturday, August 11, 2007

School Colors

Being a "Grandma" I know how each of my Grandchildren feel so much pride for their "School". Included in the 4shared comments of the Whimsical Yellow kit, were some Moms that were delighted with the Yellow/Black/White combination since it was their school colors. I think my next project will be a 6X4 Bragbook featuring "SOMEONE'S" school colors. I'd like to get some feedback. Leave me a comment! The next project could be "Your" school colors!


Kyrsten said...

I think this is a great idea!! My school colors were light blue & yellow!!

Sheri said...

Oh I would love this!! My daughter is a cheerleader so it would be wonderful! Her school colors are orange, black and white.
Everything I find in the right colors are either Harley Davidson or Halloween things. Would love to have one that would work for all those school and cheer pictures.