Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quick pages & School Colors Brag book

Everyone I'd really like to see some layouts from the Quick pages or the Kit so that I can make a slide show for the Blog! Everyone takes pride in "their" creations whether it is a Quick page or complete layout. A designer is inspired by the feedback received. I hated to see the conclusion of Whimsical Yellow. I did mention several days ago that there would be a "Bonus" for submission.
I am currently working on my brag book templates. I'd like the next project to be a Brag book with "Your" School Colors. Please refer to the post several days ago. Tomorrow I'll be putting up a poll with various color schemes. Please take a moment and leave a comment on the blog or the Cbox.
I'm very excited about some "things" I'm currently designing! As soon as, I have them completed enough to release. I'll be shouting it out!
Have a Great Evening!

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