Sunday, September 30, 2007

Have to Switch Internet Providers!

Well I'm not thrilled BUT I have to change Internet providers and will start the process tomorrow... I got some freebies up here for you so have fun downloading!! If you don't hear from me for awhile you'll know why!!

I have Sprint high speed with Earthlink as the provider. Now Sprint/Embarq is going to do their own thing and as of October 31st I have to change better now than never. It will take a month just to change all my subscriptions... Hope I don't lose anything in my email folders in the process... Please cross your fingers for me! Until then...

Freebie Mommy's Lil Pumpkin QP

I couldn't help myself! I love Holidays! I just had to make this Quick page... I know the lace isn't Halloween but it is definitely Mommy and Fall... This Quick page is 8x8 in 300 dpi png format... To save space on 4shared I'm going to start saving the Quick pages in 8x8 format... You will not see a difference and can resize to 12x12 without loss in the resolution since it was originally created as a 12x12...
You can Download Here
The password is: Pumpkin

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick page Polls

Since I design Quick pages for J3 & Me, I thought it appropriate to ask what "Your" preference is in a Quick page Design. I have added two polls below the Counter on the right hand side of the blog.
How many photos do you prefer in a QP?
What geometric shape do you prefer for your photos in a QP?
Please leave me comments below this post!
I will also be conducting a Poll next week on Brag books...
Thank You!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Freebie for All!

These vintage Halloween tags were colored with my Halloween colors Spooky Orange, Spooky Yellow, Spooky Green and Spooky Purple. A Special Thank You to Lilach Oren for the Tag template!
You can download Here:
The password is: Tags1

Wahoo Five more new Feedblitz Subscribers!

Now all my Feedblitz Registrants will be receiving 4 pages of a 4x6 Halloween Brag book!!!
Did you know Feedblitz can accept foreign email addresses? Yes it can!
I hope everyone enjoys the Bonus!
Leave me a little love in the comments section please.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Needed 5 Feedblitz Subscribers!

All I need is five (5) more Feedblitz subscribers for everyone to receive a Halloween Bonus! Make sure you subscribe to Feedblitz. You will receive an automatic email notification when the blog is updated. You also will get the links to the freebies within the email! Don't miss a Freebie... Register today!
Read prior September posts for what members are receiving!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freebie Batty Quick page

I had a wonderful weekend with my family celebrating birthdays. Both of my Grandsons had football games, so my husband and I both attended them back to back. Saturday afternoon all family members got together. Saturday night was a sleepover for the thirteen year old's. Sunday was a slow day visiting.
Sorry I haven't been putting up freebies. I've been busy cleaning my house which is long overdue. I'd been sick since mid July and two weeks ago I started on new medication and finally feel human again. It's unbelievable what the "wrong" medication can do to "you".
So much for me. Let's get the Halloween QP up and going!
You can download here:
The password is: Batty

Friday, September 21, 2007

Freebie Halloween Quick page!

Everyone I hope you enjoy this Halloween QP! Please make sure that you register with Feedblitz so that you can receive the other 4 Halloween Quick pages! The Feedblitz email notification is sent when there are changes to the blog. It also has a direct download link to the freebie. Make sure to add this email address: to your address book. From the stats I don't think everyone has downloaded their freebies. I send an email with the link and password after registration.

I will be away for the weekend! If you register for Feedblitz, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LINKS OR PASSWORDS UNTIL MONDAY MORNING!

September is birthday month for 3/4 of our Family members and we are having a get together this weekend! Wahoo!
You can download here:
This password is: castle

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halloween Signs Freebie!

Thought You might like some Halloween signs... I'm having a lot of fun with a "bunch" of fonts I downloaded at! Just a little mid week goodie...
Make sure to sign up at Feedblitz so you can download the Halloween Quick pages!
The $5.00 off $10.00 coupon is still available at Designsby j3
You can download here:
The password is: signs1

Sunday, September 16, 2007

See What Feedblitz Subscribers Get!

This is week 2 of My Feedblitz Special Promotion... Registrants have received QP 1& 2 already!
Subscribe this week to get QP 1-4!
Please register with the Feedblitz email notification. Anyone that registers for the next week will receive all Four Halloween Quick pages! The beauty of Feedblitz is the automatic email notification of any posts to the blog so you do not miss a Freebie. You can unsubscribe at any time. There is a direct link to the download from your email! Just leave me "a little love from time to time".
You will also receive "Coupons" for the "J3 and Me Store" and whenever I add new products to the store! Enjoy!

Freebie! My First Sale at "J3 & Me"

I've had my first sale at "J3 & Me"! Wahoo! Let's celebrate with another Quick page from my "Back to School Kit"! This QP is in the Schoolhouse Blue theme. One of my "Feedblitz" subscriber's made the purchase! Was that individual You? They are going to receive a "goodie" in the next two days that they are really going to enjoy! It pays to be on my "Feedblitz list"...You can download Here:
The password is: Back

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Come checkout the Sale at "J3 & ME"!

To all my loyal bloggers... Come over to the J3Store and use the coupon code "Fall" on any purchase of $10.00 or more and you will receive $5.00 off your total order! Since I am new to the store you will only see my first two products: The Back to School Mega Kit and The Rose Brag book...
If you enjoy my blog freebie Quick pages, then come on over and join the J3 Forums... J3 currently has a promotion on gaining access to the "Gallery" quickly (There are 13 Quick pages & 3 kits).. You need to read the threads in the forum... It will definitely be worthwhile!!!

Spend $5.00 Receive $5.00 Free!!!

Spend $5.00 receive $5.00 FREE!
Come help us celebrate Fall!
Simply enter the coupon code Fall
Feel free to pass this code on to your friends!!
*remember your total order at check out will be $10.00 - add your discount coupon code at check out and you only pay $5.00!
*coupon not good towards the purchase of Gift Certificates
*oodles of hugs*
J3 & Me

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to School QP - 5000 Hits Bonus

I just finished my "Back to School Kit" or should I say Mega Kit... I really enjoyed designing this kit! The inspiration was 6 wooden painted buttons from Days Gone By in my craft closet... If I can ever get my internet provider to co-operate, I will be uploading this in the real near future to "J3 & Me"... The kit is Huge!!! The color palette is Apple Red, Schoolhouse Blue and Schoolbus Yellow... the (57) embellishments are Delightful with an additional (15) circular Wordart...
Last night I had just finished bundling the kit, went to check on the blog and saw I was sitting at 4988 on the counter! This Freebie is to CELEBRATE me reaching 5000 Hits on my blog!! Wahoo!! All of you made it happen... Thank You and enjoy this Quick page...
You can download Here:
The password is : 5000hits

Monday, September 10, 2007

School Wordart Freebie

Included are 6 School Wordart files... These files can be resized and recolored in 300 dpi png format... Just a little something I whipped up while working on my Back to School Kit...
You can download Here:
The password is: School

Feedblitz Registration Update! Coupons

Mrs B Owner of the DesignsbyJ3 store has approved "My" use of coupons in the J3Store! This is very exciting for me since in ... well soon... I'll be adding products to the store...
As an added incentive for Feedblitz registration, I'll be sending my Feedblitz registrants coupon codes for "MY GRAND OPENING" and future mailings... They will also receive coupons whenever I add a "new"product to the store... These coupons will be worthwhile!
Just another reason to register!
Now don't worry I'm still going to be giving FREEBIES away!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Feedblitz Registration

Please register with the Feedblitz email notification. Anyone that registers for the Two weeks will receive these Halloween Quick pages! The beauty of Feedblitz is the automatic email notification of any posts to the blog so you do not miss a Freebie. You can unsubscribe at any time. There is a direct link to the download from your email! Just leave me "a little love from time to time".
You will also receive "Coupons" for the "J3 and Me Store" and whenever I add new products to the store! Enjoy!

Tuesday Whimsical Yellow will be removed!

I have been working on several Fall kits and need the space on 4shared. I will be removing the "Whimsical Yellow Kit" on TUESDAY. Please download any or all parts by midnight Monday. I really enjoyed designing the Kit.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

School Colors Brag book Pages 9-12

I hope everyone had a splendid Holiday! My husband works in retail so he had to work the entire holiday. I hope that some of you visited the Mega Byte Mall and entered the challenges for the free kits. You should have entered the newsstand.

Please take a moment and if you haven't already look at the preview of the "Rose" brag book that is in the J3 and Me store. The graphics are absolutely beautiful that Mrs. B designs. I am currently working on additional Brag books from her kits, as well as, the Quick page freebies in the gallery. Come and join the forums. After 35 posts you have access to the Free kits and Quick pages. I create a new Quick page every Friday for the gallery!

Needless to say I have been working on Halloween and Thanksgiving Kits. I love every holiday and this year especially with all the digital scrap booking kits that I have designed. My grandchildren look forward to Grandma's contribution to their classes.

I just couldn't help myself. I'm a Florida Gator and couldn't pass up placing the football element on two of the pages. You Tennessee fans ought to get a "hoot" that a Gator is creating your colors in this Brag book. You can thank Sheri for that since she sent out the recruits and was determined that Orange and Black was going to win the poll! Sheri's daughter is a cheerleader for the Beaver creek Beavers.

Well, here are pages 9-12. I hope that you all enjoy them!
Download link has expired.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

J3 Labor Day Sale Kits! In the Dollar Store!

Go over and Grab these Sale Items in J3's Dollar Store for the Labor Day Weekend!