Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick page Polls

Since I design Quick pages for J3 & Me, I thought it appropriate to ask what "Your" preference is in a Quick page Design. I have added two polls below the Counter on the right hand side of the blog.
How many photos do you prefer in a QP?
What geometric shape do you prefer for your photos in a QP?
Please leave me comments below this post!
I will also be conducting a Poll next week on Brag books...
Thank You!


flo said...

I really just find a pic that i like that matches all you ladies awesome quick pages, so i really just go by if i like the design or not,,,,,I myself like more than one pic on the pages,,,,,usually a lrg and smaller ones to match,,,


Laurel said...

Nore, thanks so much for downloading my free brushes. You have my permission to use them in your Quick Pages. Thanks for asking! :)