Friday, June 29, 2007

Pictures for Teri

Teri I hope you enjoy these... got the fedex pak today... I'll have to go over to nana's attic and tell her to come look at the blog... That is where I got all of the templates but two...

Beach Baby

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Christmas Slide Show

The pages were prepared in January 2007... I don't believe many family members have seen this slide show that I prepared through DVD Producer... I hope that you enjoy it.. Still organizing my hard drive... Busy scanning, creating and enhancing old photos... I'll continue to update all of you!

Christmas Eve 2006

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gary This one is for You!

Glad to get a valid email address... I put this one up since I was organizing my hard drive today... Make sure you look at the older posts!


Monday, June 25, 2007

4 Shared Comes Through!

4 Shared sent an email and fixed My virtual Drive... Now I have One, can upload now-Yeah! However, need to read instructions on Uploading, folders, etc... While I was waiting on that I looked at 3 column templates... I like that design better I will probably revamp the blog...
Picked up my new scanner at Bestbuy to organize my 50+ year old pictures... Got the Epson with the transparency attachment for slides and film... Dad needs to scan some slides and film from Poland during WW II when he comes down hopefully this fall...Well. I need to make dinner and then I'll setup my new toy...
Looks like today's stats will be USA 2 and Canada 1... Yesterday USA 1, Canada 1 and Australia 1...
By the way I fixed the comments section! Now it will accept comments...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stats for today

Thank You All for visiting... USA 1, Germany 1 and Australia 1... No luck so far from 4shared support... I may enroll in another company tomorrow if I still don't hear anything... Have a great evening!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today's Stats & Sorry no links

Today's Stats are USA 7, Australia 2 & Canada 1... Something is wrong with my 4 Shared Account virtual drive so I can't UPLOAD anything to be downloaded... Well, let's see how long that takes to get rectified... In the interim I'll be creating... Got a few new tools today! Yeah!!! Have a good evening...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today's Stats are now in Counter changes @ 7PM

Thanks to everyone that came and visited today! USA 14, Canada 1 & UK 1... I've been busy today trying to complete more layouts.. And other digital projects... I think I got burned out on creating the blog... I wasn't as productive today.. To anyone that comes by tonight please leave a COMMENT (near the pencils)... Hopefully I'll have something new by the AM...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh Nuts The Day has Changed!

Oh well, I thought it was so neat to see United Kingdom 1, Australia 1, France 1, Denmark 1, Sweden 1, Roumania 1, Germany 1 and United States 6 plus the flags but I did get the counter from France so the day has changed already! Well, tomorrow I'll go to some blogs at the sites and ask them to visit the blog.. Well Dinner is finished I'd better work on a freebie to post...

Layouts from my Downloads

Well, I'd better get some housework completed.. I'll do some layouts with items from my favorite blog sites and make another slideshow... Enjoy!

To My Family

I am now on page 2 of the blog. Please click on the "Older Posts" link to get to the next page... It is just before the large images..

Reorganizing My Blog Tools

Well. I never got to bed last night until 2AM but it was well worth it since I found my counter, weather, clock and mp3 player over on a website in France... It warmed my heart this morning to see all the countries listed .. Late last night I sent emails to three of my favorite blog sites... I still need to add many more and will try to conclude today.. Then I will try to make my first mini kit in DIP which I understand will now be discontinued due to Vista... I need some feedback should I get PSE or PSP??? Please click on the pencil and leave a comment.. Thanks to All of you that are coming to my blog!

My Grandchildren

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is the Finale for today!

I searched the old hard drive for my digital oldies... Thought the Grandkids might get a kick out of them... Well Good night to all!

Digital Oldies

Getting Late!

Well, I decided since I reached out and touched the world that I would add a few more slide shows to show ya'all that you are in my thoughts.. I have some Golden oldies that I'm going to add when I first started digital scrapping... Boy what a difference! I hope all of you enjoy the blog and PLEASE leave a comment... Just double click on the comment under the slide show and a window will pop up...

Scott & Lisa Belize

Sweet Baby Jocelyn

Slide Show

Well this simply AMAZES me that I can actually get these things linked... Boy HTML used to be a nightmare... Everything is point and click... Lucky for me!!! Well, off to finally make the bed and start dinner!!! Judi I hope that you come by to see my new creation!!!


Well my son-in law just called exasperated with computer shopping.. His computer died four days prior to Father's Day, now the kids are out of school... Not good news when you have a 12, 9 and 6 year old that is trying to play games to buy a room on webkinz... Not to mention he's enrolled in a Master's degree online course... Oh well. I'll have to get back to my blog a little later... UhOh I still haven't made the bed? Talk with ya'all later...

Yeah! I have a blogspot!!!!

I can't BELIEVE I've actually done this! I can't WAIT to contact everyone. I'm sure my Grandchildren are in the pool as I write this. I've already been around the world this morning following links from the philsboos website. I'd better get started with my layouts real QUICK here BUT I'm having tooooooo much fun...