Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day Doily Naturals Freebie Part II

Tonight I have 5 co-ordinated "crochet lace doilies." Wait until you download these! They are only six inches (due to file size) But I created them in a larger size so you won't lose any resolution if you re size to eight inches. They are very pretty. I was checking out something at a website and somehow got introduced to ObsidianDawn who had numerous Photoshop brushes. The lace was created with a brush. The doilies are just what you need for this Mother's Day kit.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part III of the Mother's Day Naturals Kit.
You can download here:
The password is: doily
Special Thanks must be extended to Stephanie Shimerdla for the brush at


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Paper Naturals Freebie

I have a big surprise for all of you! Fourteen Mother's Day Textured Natural Papers. You are really going to love these papers! Now if you don't like florals this one is not for you but you can't appreciate the texture in these until you download. There are TWO downloads so make sure that you download both. I already have some of the embellishments complete and uploaded. Wait until you see what you get tomorrow.
When you see these you'll know I've been completing Photoshop tutorials.
You can download Papers1 here:
You can download papers2 here:
The password is: paper1
Special thanks must be extended to Kim Cameron, Royanna Fritschmann, Manu B., LPand3dogs. Mariana Barros and Bianca Guimaraes.

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feedblitz Problem

I have tried to send a feedblitz notification for the past 15 hours unsuccessfully. Don't know what the problem is! I apologize to my registrants. I'll try again when I get back from Gainesville.
I would like your input on setting up a yahoo group. I've been putting this off for a long time hoping that Feedblitz would be the solution. I checked it out last week on how to setup a group.
I'll put up a poll lateron today.
Only problem is that everyone will have to signup for it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mother's Day Rose Charm Freebie

I finally was able to figure out how to highlight the roses! These charms have an authentic appearance. They are beveled with a gold rim. I hope I chose colors that you all will enjoy. Perfect for cards, bookmarks or a page layout. The dimensions are 3x5.5 created in 300 dpi png format so they can be easily re sized. I have some papers in the works that I'll have for you before Mother's Day.

You can download here:
The password is: mother
Special thanks must be extended to Aimee, Zia Dutra, Kleopatra and Actionfx.

Off tomorrow early AM for a Basketball Tournament for "Both" Grandsons in Gainesville. You got your freebie early!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Days' Gone By Quick pages Freebie - Freebie 100!

This is Freebie #100! Yahoo!

I created these "Days' Gone By Quick pages" about a month ago when I was experimenting with some styles. I liked the texture, wood and gold in this layout. The shapes from "days gone by" - children playing leapfrog and roller skating. I remember as a child playing leapfrog with my brothers and sisters. I was never one to roller skate but you can almost feel the motion in these cutouts. You are probably saying "Wood, why wood?" I can remember bugging my father to buy me a wood burning set when I was about 11. He felt it was too dangerous for me to work with the burner. When I was a child, artisans prided themselves with their wood burning techniques an art chosen by few today. I hope that you enjoy these oldies and I'm sure that you can dig up a picture or two. Wait until you see the detail on these Quick pages!

You can download here:
The password is : olden

Special Thanks must be extended to Actionfx, Kleopatra, Mari Leiss, Royanna Fritschmann and Elyane Araju.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mother's Day Borders Freebie

I finally have these Mother's Day borders uploaded! I've been recouping from the busy weekend with the Grandchildren. My Grandson's team made it to the semi finals and his last game was on Sunday morning. A total of 4 games in all. My husband took a week of vacation so he was able to participate in all the tournament games. My granddaughter and I worked on scrapping, went to Disney's Marketplace where she had her face painted as "Tinkerbell" and we watched movies. While my granddaughter and I were scrapping I ran across some poems that I had chosen last Mother's Day and never quite finished doing anything with them. LOL. So I was working on roses for Mother's Day and just couldn't get the papers the way I wanted them so I decided to work on these borders. The poems are really nice and I thought that with four of them you would find at least one to your liking. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You can download here:
The password is: mother

Special thanks must be extended to: Actionfx, Mari Leiss, and Sue Chastain for her style#3 used in this creation.
Fonts included in these creations: CK Quick Stitch, Cuff Hallmark Bold and DC Rose.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bright Daffodils Freebie

Today I have 6 "Bright Daffodils" for you to download. Please make sure to come to the blog and vote in the poll.
I'm putting this freebie up a day early since I have company arriving for the weekend. My Grandson is in an AAU Basketball Tournament at Disney this weekend so so entire family is spending the weekend! Wahoo!
You can download here:
The password is: daffy
Special thanks must be extended to Shawna at Scrap-Stuff for PSP, Actionfx, Graphicxtras and

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ornate Daffodils Freebie

This is a set of 6 "Ornate Daffodils". Pearlized and with a gold rim border.
April showers bring May flowers. Well Mother's Day is right around the corner. I always equate flowers with Mother's Day. So you are going to start seeing a lot of flowers.
I miss the daffodils here in Florida. In the Northern states daffodils of every shade of yellow and the newer varieties a peachy orange can be found in wooded areas, ring trees and along sidewalks. I've created a number of types so stay tuned.
You can download here:
The password is : ornate
Special thanks needs to be extended to Shawna of Scrap-Stuff-for PSP, Elyane Araju., Kleopatra and Actionfx.
Enjoy the color!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Stamp Stickers Freebie

Thank You for all the fantastic comments left on 4shared regarding the April Feedblitz Promotion. By sharing these freebies I receive valuable feedback determining what I will continue to create. Sometimes what I believe everyone will enjoy is not necessarily true. I can't believe how many people love these stickers. So here we go again more stickers. I promise I'm working on other items. I really want to get back to the brag books. Everyone seems to enjoy them. They do take a lot more time though than let's say the stickers. I'm really enjoying the styles that I've purchased. I can create so much faster when it comes to the intricate elements which you will see in the very near future.

I will also be putting up another poll. I would appreciate your participation.

You can download here:
The Password is: stamp
Enjoy the little birdies!

Special thanks must be extended to Actionfx, and Selenheart @ Acme Graphics .

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flower Scroll Stickers Freebie

This set includes 9 Flower Scroll toppers and 9 Flower Scroll Side Borders. These also co-ordinate with the Daisy stickers also listed on the blog. Remember to look on the right hand side of the blog to see the "Freebie Listing by Category."
We are almost at "100 Freebies!
Next week time to take some down. It only pushes me to create more! I love the creating but dislike the packaging and uploading.
"Feedblitz Registrants" stop by the blog to see the "Spring Header". Leave me a note in the c-box or comments section under the post.
The only problem with the direct download is I don't see 'ya over here anymore. I miss all of you. Sharon I can always count on you to stop and leave a note. Thank You!

On to the good stuff:
You can download here:
The password is: scroll

Special Thanks must be extended to Actionfx, and Sue Chastain at:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Flowers Brag Book Freebie for All

This past week has been a “bummer”. My printer decided to go on a holiday so I had to purchase a new one. I tried to upload my resume to the Florida Workforce Website and my account is well let’s just say “a little messed up.” It’s been two days still waiting to hear from them but I have my resume and references updated. I also got a nail in my tire and missed a “very important meeting.” Needless to say that was the bad news.
The good news is I have designed some really pretty brag book pages. Basically, I just need to upload. I finally have a freebie for “all” of you. I have been working on flowers and ribbons for the numerous papers that I have created over the past two weeks. I’ve still been experimenting with gradients. This is just one example. This brag book is a bit bright but for me to work on bright colors is “uplifting”.
You can download Here:
The password is: bright
Special Thanks must be extended to Royanna Fritschmann, Shawna at Scrapstuff-for-PSP and LP3anddogs Designs.
Enjoy! More pages will be added to the April Feedblitz Promotion!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heart Ribbons Freebie

This week has been one with learning experiences galore! But I tried to work on tooooo many different projects. I don't know what my hangup this week was with monochrome everything-pastels, brights and jewel tones. I spent all day today creating overlays to get away from the monochrome. I am pleased however with the results. I have some extra special detail items that will be included in the "Feedblitz April Promotion."

Well, the blog header isn't done and neither is the "new Feedblitz Promo". You won't be disappointed though. I can always add items as the month progresses. I think this promo will last through Mother's Day.

Now here is a little tempting bit! You know I love bright colors (that's obvious-LOL)!
I have some heart ribbons and will probably make stars, etc. Now don't let the metallic scare you away since I'll have more elements that will co-ordinate through the month.
You can download here:
The password is: heart
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Feedblitz Updated March Promotion Freebie!

All Feedblitz Registrants will be receiving all items illustrated in the slide show.
I HAVE JUST ADDED (20) Easter Papers.
This Promotion will continue until April 4th 2008.

Feedblitz offers a direct link to my freebie eliminating the additional step of going to my blog. If you so choose, you can unsubscribe at anytime. However, I think you will enjoy its ease of use. Don't miss out on a "freebie".
All items will be available in the blog store after the promotion!

Feedblitz subscribers will also receive "coupons" for scrap booking products in the soon to open “Nore’s Nice-ities Niche” blog store. Feedblitz accepts international email addresses.
Just remember to leave me a "little love from time to time" when downloading your freebie at 4shared or in the Comments section on my blog.
Please add my email address to your address book otherwise the email with the links may end up in your spam folder:
Special Thanks to Sue Chastain for her custom pattern (plaids&checks) used in the creation of the papers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Paper Elements-Freebie

Today I have elements that co-ordinate with the "Easter Papers" in the Feedblitz promotion for March (see slide show). You receive 3 frames, 3 borders, 6 tags, 10 brads, 3 corners and 3-4pc graduated flowers.

My Feedblitz registrants have quite a stash from this promotion!! Don't you want to be a member? It's real easy... Just go over to the right hand side of the blog(above the counter) enter your email address and that's it! The April promotion is coming out this week and I will be sending out a "Newsflash" to members.
You can download Part 1 here:
The password is: brads

You can download Part 2 here:
The password is: frames

Special thanks needs to be extended to Actionfx, Royanna Fritschmann and Sue Chastain at:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feedblitz "Anonymous" User

I need to clarify that you will "not receive an email from me with the links"
if you register as
Just think about it for a moment.
I have deleted "all" the anonymous users as of today.
Thank You! Have a Great Evening!

Daisy Stickers Freebie

Tonight I have a daisy sticker collection of 10 daisies, 2 daisy leaves and 1 completed daisy. Since a gradient style was used to create the daisies, the daisies have more than one hue of the color and can be used on many of the papers in your stash. Spring and Summer are not complete without daisies! Have fun with these!
Yes, I completed these a few weeks ago and never got around to uploading them. You'll want me to straighten my hard drive more often! LOL...
You can download here:
The password (of course) is: daisy

Special thanks must be extended to Actionfx, and Sue Chastain at:

Have a good evening!