Friday, October 12, 2007

Atlanta Breast Cancer Awareness Group

Too many times we hear negatives regarding the Internet BUT here is an example of the "positive" element.
Erin-Joi maintains the "Walkin' Families Team Breast Cancer Fundraising and Awareness" website in Atlanta, GA. She has participated in 8 walk-a-thons and maintained the website for three years. She has requested the slide show for her website. I am "honored" to provide this informational tool. She is in the process of updating the website and hopes to have it completed by November 1st. She is also a "Breast Cancer Survivor". See what another person has contributed to a worthy organization:

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Erin-Joi said...

I'm blushing! Thank you so very much for writing about us. It was quite pleasant surprise to see our photo on your blog. ***hugs*** Erin-Joi