Thursday, October 11, 2007

Freebie Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Kit

I don't believe there are words to express the "JOY" that I have received from reading over 100 comments concerning this digital scrap booking kit. For the past day and a half, I have been in awe by the number of visitors to the blog.
I promise by tomorrow night I will have packaged and completed The "Breast Cancer Awareness MEGA Kit". Once again bear with me. I have pondered how I will be able to determine "who has made a donation to the Breast Cancer Society of at least $1.00". I don't know if I'm equipped to handle the volume (due to the number of downloads on the "freebie" kit). I will however, due to the response, make the effort to handle all the emails with a receipt attachment.
If my prediction is correct, "Tomorrow" will be another monumental day for
"Nore's Nice-ities". I will have had over 10,000 hits on the blog. I want to personally thank all of you that come to the blog on a regular basis and leave the wonderful comments.

1 comment:

Sue said...

It feels great to see so many bloggers participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness month! :)