Monday, December 31, 2007

Apology to MSN, Hotmail & Cox Feedblitz Subscribers!

Please accept my sincerest apologies for not receiving your Feedblitz updates. My ISP EMBARQ has really got me upset this time! I hope every bot picks this up in Google, Yahoo! and AOL search engines! October 1st Embarq decided in their infinite wisdom that they could handle the ISP end of communications. On October 31st Earthlink was no longer connected with Embarq. It has been one heartache after another. Around November 20th every time I sent an email to an MSN, COX or Hotmail recipient it said I was blocked! I contacted Embarq and they blamed it on Microsoft. It took them over a week to fix it!
Now for Part 2: I couldn't understand why certain subscribers weren't leaving comments on 4 Shared for me. Today I investigated and more than half of my mailing list was showing "UNDELIVERABLE" with Feedblitz!
Guess what... they all had ISP service with MSN, COX or Hotmail! Well, it has only taken me two hours to fix the mess! Now, I am going to send out another Feedblitz and my mailing list better not have "undeliverable checks" next to my subscribers or EMBARQ is going to get BLASTED...
This Feedblitz message will be rather long due to the fact I don't think it has been working properly for over two weeks.
Please leave a Comment with this post if you have NOT been receiving Feedblitz Notifications since December 10th!
Please have a safe and Happy New Year!

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