Tuesday, December 11, 2007

36 Hours have passed! It's been Crazy!

36 hours have passed and it has been crazy!!! Various ISP's are having challenges with our "Christmas Around the World" event.
I just want to say I am in "awe of the talent" within the group of contributors. It amazes me how the human mind can be so creative. Someone else sees a "shape" totally differently than the way my mind interprets. Basically all of these designs stem from shapes. Since my mind is "math" oriented I have a tendency to go "geometric". Creative minds see shapes more "abstractly" thus the grunge and swirls. I am so fortunate to be a part of this event!
See I have been downloading right along with you and I'm not done yet either!
Let me pause a moment to relay my deepest gratitude for "All" the wonderful comments left on 4shared and within the blog. It has made all the time spent on this kit worthwhile. Isn't Christmas all about "Sharing." This event has proven how charitable these Designers can be from literally all over the world. The fact that in some cases download times left a little to be desired gave all of us an opportunity to read the bios of so many of the designers. I'm sure that it will not be forgotten.
Just remember I have a lot of files to download and I will leave them up even longer than the six days if necessary to give "everyone " an opportunity to download. I still have not completed adding these files to various websites. I wanted to give everyone here in the USA the first opportunity. After the download mania begins to subside, I'll add them to the overseas websites.
Have FUN with all of this and "thank" these designers. Please leave a "BIG" thank you to Kimberly in the c-box at the "Christmas Around the World" blog.

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snapdragon said...

I, too, have a math-oriented brain -- and a LOT of my stuff has that same "geometric" tendency, too. You aren't alone!

Thanks so much for the wonderfully generous CATW kit!