Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just to say hi!!!

I've had sooo much fun with My Grandchildren the past two days and tonight I babysit for my daughter due to her Wedding Anniversary!
I had so much fun that I almost had to go to the ER!! Now I'm probably pretty STUPID but you see I have very short legs and all of my daughter's children's bicycles are for long legged people. So my Grandaughter (six going on 20) says Grandma we need something safe for you.. try my "Barbie Scooter". She then goes into an elaborate explanation of the dynamics of the scooter. Well I was afraid I'd break the scooter since I'm a full figure gal. She told me her brother uses it sometimes to go down to the bustop when he can't get a ride (175 lbs and six foot one inch).. At this point I figure okay I can't break it. So we are out and about for almost an hour. We toured the entire subdivision! Morgan on her bike and me using a "Barbie Scooter." Well, we run into my son-in-law coming home from work. He says "Ma Spencer what in the world are you two doing? Morgan says "Grandma's legs aren't long enough for the bikes so I gave Grandma my Barbie Scooter". I thought my son-in-law was going to die laughing. I told him some of his neighbors might think I'm not playing with a full deck however, they did wave and smile as they went by.
Well, then my son-in-law goes to the mailboxes on the cul de sac and now I've finally caught up with everyone. I'm heading to the driveway hit the lip of the driveway with the scooter and "Wipe Out." Joey's neighbor comes running from across the street and he and my son-in-law help me up. Morgan says OMG Grandma you can't ride the scooter up the driveway! I thought you knew that!! then she proceeds to check out my concrete burns on my hand and the lump on my hand. The neighbor who is a Pharmacist looks at it and says"Oh my!" could be an ER trip and runs across the street for an ice pack.
While all this was happening, my daughter calls from work and asks Morgan how Jordan's knee was? (He wiped out on his bike when he got home from school and hurt his knee). Morgan says Jordan's fine BUT Mr. Brett says Grandma needs to go the the ER . Grandma wiped out on my Barbie scooter in the driveway. My daughter says to Morgan "Please give the phone to your Father!". Anyhow.... My daughter yells at all of us ... tells us to get in the house... sit on the sofa and don't do anything until she gets home. What a Day!!! I told them we'd wait until the morning and see if I needed to have it x-rayed. I was in some pain but not excruciating. We kept ice packs on it all evening . It is still swollen and aches but as you can see I'm typing so I don't' think anything is broke.
Prior to all this My Granddaughter and several first grade classes went to an assisted living facility and sung Christmas carols for an hour. The residents REALLY enjoyed it. They don't see children that age very often. Morgan told me that none of them smile. I told her to go over to the different tables and say "Merry Christmas with a big smile" and I bet they'll smile back.
She says "okay Grandma but I'm scared." So another Mom was trying to get her girls to do it too. They went in a group to all the tables and came back to us. Morgan "said They smiled and one lady gave me a kiss on my cheek." All I said to her was "see you can make someone smile just by giving them a BIG smile."
Well time to go to meet Jordan for his lunch! Got to go!
Hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations!


KrisG said...

Thanks so much for the smile! Love your story... sounds kinda like me, LOL. Merry Christmas!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

God girl I can just picture you on the scooter!!!
Hope that your feeling better from the wipe out!!!!
I'm glad that the girls got up the courage to go & wish them a Merry Christmas, I use to work in a nursing home & they always loved it when the kids came in at Christmas to sing & visit!!!!
I finally got my blog updated last evening & uploaded photo's of my Christmas tree!!!
If I don't hear from you before please have a Safe & Happy Holiday!!!!!

Nore said...


I think I'll try to design something with purple after seeing your Christmas tree on your blog!!
I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

Thanks for your wonderful kits first of all. (and for sharing) The story with the Barbie bike was too cute. I am glad grandma is okay. : - ) Hugs & Blessings....Linda