Saturday, December 22, 2007

Needed a Break & Urgent Care Update!

I just checked the downloads on the "Christmas Around the World Collab Kit" an astonishing 1425 downloads... From the comments I'm happy to report that this kit made a lot of people very happy! I wanted something special to give you for a Very Merry Christmas!
I should be wrapping presents BUT I thought I'd check on a few things! While I was at my daughter's (turned out to be almost a week-she had foot surgery on Friday), I was astonished to see for two days "Nore's Nice-ities" was #1 at "Best Scrap Freebies". Thanks to all of "YOU" that was my Christmas present! THANK YOU!!!
Well, I went to the urgent care clinic on Wednesday and took my Granddaughter with me (6yr old). Three views of x-rays nothing was broke as far as bones. I had a blood vessel break and that's why there was so much swelling. My hand is quite colorful at the moment. My Granddaughter says to me after leaving the center "Grandma that Doctor didn't do much for you. You know if you hadn't had the x-rays that would have been nothing more than a "well" visit. All he did was listen to your heart and take your blood pressure." Kids you have to "Love" them! They really say it like it is.
Well, I'd better get back to Christmas so I'll say bye for now. I haven't designed anything in a week! I'm having withdrawal! Maybe I can whip something up for you just before Christmas. We'll see!

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Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Yes Kids come up with the cute sayings at just the right time!!!!
Take care of yourself!!!!!!!