Saturday, August 9, 2008

I've been Tagged by Kyra!!!

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A little bit about me:
1. I love to spend time with my Grandchildren. Surrounding yourself with children allows you as an adult to often be a free spirit.

2. I love to snorkel. Let's just say I love the water.

3. Favorite place on earth is to be on a cruise in the Caribbean. As a child I remember watching James A. Michners "Adventures in Paradise." I love "Rum Point" in the Cayman Islands and Cancun on the Mexican Riviera.

4. I want to return to Xcaret what I call a Mexican Seaworld. This park is awesome with coquina rock caverns where you can swim with the fishes. I saw a huge sea turtle there and a clown fish about 3 foot long and about 18 inches in diameter. I came around the corner of one of those caverns and literally bumped into this fish. It literally took my breath away! LOL!

5. I am the oldest of eight children and enjoy "family gatherings" which are normally every ten years due to all of us being everywhere.

6. I am a frugal person probably due to coming from a large family. I clip coupons and try to obtain codes while internet shopping.

7. In my working life since I have an aptitude for math was a General Manager, Controller (ten times over) and Operations Analyst in Hotel/Motel/Timesharing Condominiums. Since my working life lacked "color" (figures all day long and Excel), I believe that's why I love vivacious color schemes.


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