Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope that all of you enjoyed your Easter with your family. I was busy from dawn 'til dusk. Got to see the Grandchildren, had an eventful Easter with Grandma Judi cutting her hand and thought we might have an ER trip but all is well. My daughter checked out the situation, a friend went to CVS for steri strips and nurse Kim (my daughter) fixed her up . Needless to say no ER trip but boy was that cut long and deep. Then we all pitched in and finished Grandma Judi's prime rib dinner. The kids actually went swimming in Grandma Judi's pool! Brrr! It was 76 degrees out but I bet it was like "hitting a natural spring" (like up North) went you submerged in that water! Usually we start swimming in the pool mid-April. LOL!
Sorry about the 4shared link on the satin brocade bunny & basket! Every once in awhile you can upload to 4shared and all of a sudden the link doesn't work. Anyhow I have re uploaded the "Satin Brocade Bunny & Basket". Just go to the post and download. Please leave me a comment here if it still doesn't work.

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myscrapbook says: thank you for sharing your great designs. love them