Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank You for your prayers

Thank you for all your prayers on Tuesday February 26th. I don't think that without them I would have made it for my daughter's surgery.
The day started out at 6:50 am when I stopped for gas at Sam's Club. After I filled the tank the car wouldn't start! Then I proceeded to call my husband, he couldn't get it started. Then Sam's Club sent up a portable jumper and couldn't get it started. A gentlemen overheard that my daughter was having surgery and offered to jump my car with his monster truck battery. He said "Get going to Gainesville and Don't turn the car off until you get to the hospital. Then you can call Progressive and have it towed to a garage." He was my guardian angel #1.
So finally by 8am I was on the road to Gainesville. I talked to my son-in law and told him I was on my way. Well about 20 miles outside Gainesville, the car clunked and the dashboard went crazy. Every warning light started blinking and then finally it stopped with crazy messages. I continued on the trip and got off of I-75 at Newberry Road. I had to stop at the traffic light and the car died in the middle lane (3 lane street) of Newberry Road. Everything locked up on the car!!! I was trying to call the police on my cell phone when the man behind me got out to see what my problem was with the car. He stated I was in danger. Since everything is power on the car, I couldn't get the window down and had to write him notes on a piece of paper. He called the police for me (since my cell phone couldn't get a tower) and then got the first lane of traffic to stop. He and two other gentleman pushed my car over to the side of the road out of harm's way. He was guardian angel #2. Since my cell phone couldn't get a tower, he lent me his and I called Progressive to come and tow the car. At this point it is 10:30AM so I had to call my son-in-law and share this bit of news. Needless to say by this time I was a basket case and tears are streaming down my face. I told my daughter "I love You" but didn't think I'd get there before she went into pre-op.
The tow truck arrived and then my son-in-law's neighbor Brett calls and asks where the car is being towed so he will pick me up (take all my stuff out of the car) and bring me to the hospital. It is now 11:00am. (Kim's surgery is at noon). He was guardian angel #3. Brett picks me up and I arrived at 11:40 but Kim was already in pre-op. But at least I was there!!!
Now come to find out "the battery exploded" and I was literally running on a prayer.
My daughter's surgery went well. She had over 100 gall stones and the Doctor stated not one more could have fit. She is recuperating beautifully.
I don't think I'll ever forget February 26th.
Thanks to all of you for your prayers.

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