Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just a Note to say Hi! I'm Rambling...

I needed a break from creating some alphas, so I thought I'd break and say hi! I think that I'll put a new poll up regarding alphabets. Do you like shadows? Do you like Glitter? Do you like Gold? Do you like pastels?
I REALLLY need your feedback! Please just take a moment to complete the poll. Since Easter is so early this year I would rather design what "All of You" would like rather than what "I" prefer.
I think I'll get together a slideshow of alphas and give them away as the next Feedblitz Promotion. What do you think? Maybe one for St. Patrick's, One for Easter, One glittery and One gel or glass. Let me know!!!
Oh! Do you want some St. Patrick's and Easter cookies????

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Easter cookies would be great and also an Easter Alpha like Easter Eggs with grass coming out from them. Little chocolate bunnies??? Thanks for all you do for us.