Monday, February 11, 2008

Gift for Guessing the Boo Boo's on the Blog!

I had a wonderful weekend up to my Daughter's in Gainesville. Morgan's birthday "Glam Party" was great! Eleven six year old girls had their hair tinted and glittered, makeup and a manicure. They were given a toule skirt (made by the Grandma's), a tiara and boa. The divas decorated flower cookies, made bracelets and Grandson Jordan delivered Shirley Temple champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Also available were fruit and cheese skewers and chocolate covered pretzel rods. The divas used the High School Musical wi and performed for everyone. Then there was a picture session along the runway. For the finale a "Glam Girl" ice cream birthday cake. The Grandsma's were up until 2AM busy with food prep and "the Skirts". All in all we had a Blast and took some pretty phenomenal pictures. Six Moms stayed for the event.

Now let me show you what the participants in the Blog BooBoo Contest Received!

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Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Nore sure sounds like the girls had a blast!!!!!!
Can't wait to see the pic's!!!!!!