Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Back from Playing Grandma & just glad to be Alive

Well, thank you Ajila for leaving a comment of concern on my whereabouts!
I went to my Daughter's and spent six days with the kiddies. I managed to get in a Brownie ceremony, a barbeque, shopping with my daughter and just spending time crafting with my Grandaughter. My SIL had to return to school for two days (he's a guidance counselor) to complete the results of the FCAT tests that we have here in Florida. It was a nice excuse to have to spend extra time with all of them.
Then when I returned I just couldn't get into blogging or designing anything period. Everyone has been hit hard with the gas increasing EVERYTHING. Here in Florida I hate to even listen to the news. All you hear about is foreclosures, people declaring bankruptcy (seniors), people losing their jobs and fires. Then all this crazy weather in the Midwest and heatwave up North.
Any how, I finally got out of that funky state, started packaging stuff for the store and then I get a really bizarre email from a friend of a designer whose kit club I am a member of and the next day I get another email that the Designer is now no longer with us. OMG we all need to re-evaluate and genuinely be thankful we are Alive! You just don't know when it will be "your" time to meet "our" maker. So today I started the day with "I'm so lucky to be alive, I'll enjoy my wonderful family and will make the "most" of today!
On that note I have a freebie to upload and starting on Friday will have a "Download a Day for ten days of a Hybrid album." Today I have to decide which Cosmo Cricket album I'll create.

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